My first encounter with C++ on Ubuntu

28th January 2009
The past week we finally changed our past operating system of windows XP to the userfriendly operating system of UBUNTU 7.0 which is based on Linux.
I thought the exchange will be difficult for me as I am still a newbie but i am ready to expand my horizont to the world of UBUNTU and learn more about it.
Now i am already getting to like it.

For my new project to get some insights into the C++ world within the UBUNTU operating system and get accustomed with it i learned the following way how to use the sytems terminal to execute my first C++ project,without needing complicating programming systems only used by professionals as Eclipse or KDevelop

Following website helped me to reach my goal:

this will put your source file in the root system where they can get excecuted.
Another possible is to change the directory and create your own folder where you want your sourcefile projects to be saved.

root@root-laptop:~$ cd Desktop/ Enter
(or you just write the first 3 letters and press Tab. In this way it will take off your effort and finish it by itself)

now you can leave all your sourcefiles to be put on the desktop or you have already created a specified folder for them

cd learn C++
root@root-laptop:~$ cd Desktop/

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