My interesting ancient history lesson

14th July 2008
Did you ever experience a boring History lesson?
Back in school, I did. The only topics that kept me interested were the ones of the French Revolution in 1789.
With ancient History I didnt have much in common finding it rather hard to go through all the various Empirical Names and their date of Ruling when i was in 8th grade.Yet I realize that it is in the method of learning something that brings you either further to interest you or backwards that may let you feel detested about or unmotivated to learn.
Now after 10 years of more life experience I see myself positively changed about that topic.
Recently I have found a way to get attached to the ancient history while collecting coins. It has become like a hobby to retrieve the coin and look its historical nature up and i found ancient history from another point of view very much interesting. Natural methods to clean the coins like ashes and acetic acid needed some adapting time for my nose who was yet unused and inexperienced with that kind of smell, but time went by and i got used to it always thinking who might else would have held the coin in his hand, maybe the Emperor or King himself upon which his portrait or Name is showing on the coins obverse side.
My first stop included learning more about the Romans. Identifying the legend of some roman coins which we had was a hard job, it was like an archaeologist searching for hours for an historical artifact and with patience and some sweat is finally coming near to its discovery as I did with encoding the letters that i was used in my own mother language to the Old Latin language which didn’t include the letters U, J and then setting the Words together or separate Words to become sense.
In this way i had a chance to categorize the coin to its approximate era and was yet a step further. With some help of a useful web link: i found myself reading the history about that coin which was fascinating me more and more and reading of other Roman Emperors that we didn’t have the coin in our stock. Yet i can say that I am still fascinated about the Roman history and there is still a time when i get a new roman coin to identify its nature and read more about it once in a while. For me it has become a valuable source of knowledge and an interesting History Lesson after all.

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