Arabic,English HTML script created using bidirectional algorithm

Are you struggling with the problem to write Arabic text in a web page correctly, you have looked for solutions on the web but nothing seemed to really help you out, then you might find that this is the place to find your answer. I have had the same problem. My goal was to embed Arabic written text into my English blog, and nothing seemed to work out. The problem that I faced was that my blog is written in the default direction, the left-to-right LTR direction, whereby Arabic script display is right-to-left RTL. The only way that I found to change it was to set up a RTL page within my HTML script and edit the page where I saw it necessary. I had some recipes written in Arabic and English, a great help was presented by Gourmet Recipe Manager (available for Linux and Windows) who let me organize them and export them into html files readily. A great help was that I didn’t need to set up a whole HTML page by myself, most of the layout was ready and I just needed to change a little for my needs to be a ready formatted Arabic HTML script.

There I was editing the HTML file to create an RTL page instead of an LTR page with the help of this website:

It shows you how to set up a RTL page in your html file, and for me it was very helpful. In all I am happy with my results shown in my posts categorized in “International Kitchen” though with minimal display errors.

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