Review: Pretty Little Liars # 4 – 6 by Sara Shepard

Pretty Little Liars Vol. 4-6My last 7th volume worth reading series was Harry Potter by J.K.Rowland. I wouldn’t have thought I will get caught again in the mystery of a murder around a high-school girl which end is not foreseeable yet. Every time you think it is peaceful someone new appears to destroy the harmonic idyll in Rosewood Pennsylvania.
I feel that I am between ” Six Feet Under” and “Desperate Housewives” only in more adolescent version.

Up to now I have finished the 6 th series. I like it alot. It reminds me of so many movies like Mean Girls and Jawbreakers that I liked to watch and enjoy that even the most popular girls try to forget their past and solve their everyday problems as best as they can.
With each chapter turning to one of the 4 protagonist in the story it becomes a refreshing story getting to know each of the characters and feeling that you can in some relate,too.

One revelation appears after the end of the 4th book. No way I would have guessed the mysterious person behind A No. 1, which is revealed after reading the 4th series. Just when I am relieved to lay the series aside for another novel to read, I am startled to find a small paragraph of WHAT HAPPENS NEXT that you cannot ignore…so I read on and am mesmerized just to turn on to the next volume in line.

No revelations are made on the 5th series, on the contrary we need to take a closer look on all who have been involved with Allison and try to make the connection between them. One is surprised by the open end in the 5th book making no room for conclusions when it comes to an end to one of the suspects or maybe that is what the reader needs to think. It is great how the author plays with the characters and leaves the levels of suspension, mystery and teen drama maintained.
Even dead people seem to rise from the grave as the author let appear on the 6th volume, first we get to know about instant messaging from a person who gives himself as Ian Thomas or is he really him.Until now nobody knows.And to the end a big surprise comes along that even I haven’t anticipated at all. What happens next, I continue reading the follow up volumes that are available to me and just get caught up in another young adult teen mystery and suspense novel.


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