Review: Practice Cake by Dalya Moon

Browsing through some eBook platforms I found Smashwords a site for independent authors and published e-Books. I found a previous work from Dalya Moon ” The Dishwasher” a short story about a first job experience. It was good so I looked for further published books and found Practice Cake. I really liked the theme of the story as food and love are fitting harmonically together.

Sadly the story couldn’t penetrate through my mind, would I have been 10 yeas younger I may have enjoyed this teen story of Maddie a free, easy going enthusiastically young woman with fresh ideas going through the world in a fun to read romantic story that resolves around her boyfriend and the chance to climb the career ladder for a star chef in a Food Network for baking.

Everyone is going through phases in life and so it is with books, once you enjoyed a book reading multiple times now you may have difficulty to read it just once again. I just remembered how I liked to read such kind of love stories while I was still in high school and other romance stories by Barbara Wood like  and Danielle Steel, now it seems I have been driven to other genres like Fantasy that I didn’t read very much while I was younger.

Well I will keep for later on who knows if my romance flair will come back to me and I can re-enjoy the book.


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