Happy New Year 2012

I am opening a new book. Its pages are blank. I am going to put words on them by myself. The book is called ” Opportunity ” and its first chapter is called New Year’s Day. Edith L. Pierce  (edited)

To kick off into a fresh start into 2012 with new everyday challenges and wonderful experiences just waiting to be shared I would like to blog more what better opportunity to make it my new project 365.

It will be a challenge alright because I am not very consistent with daily updates and I have to motivate myself constantly to let every day of 2012 count.

The last 8 minutes of 2011 are flying away while I am immersed in my GT, writing this note.

Sitting comfortably on my Arabic seats and listening half-heartedly to Lebanon OTV (Nilesat), sending pictures via Bluetooth.

Half of our neighborhood in Amman do probably the same watching TV or sitting online to send their latest New Year wishes to their friends and families or browse through the net.

The last minute and the Jordan TV is down so there are only Libanese channels partying out the last seconds of the year as I saw so far.

Also our neighborhood seems mostly dark apart from the city lights on the streets. We are beginning the New Year with a clear cold night.


To start my New Year I put my smiley face on and think positively of the days to come.

Happy New Year 2012 to all.


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