Turkish Desperate housewives version hits arabic dubbed television

Since the premier of the american television series of Desperate Housewives in 2004 young and old worldwide me included is enjoying the show which is going into it’s 8th SEASON now. Of course it doesn’t stop there. Since the arrival of arabic dubbed turkish series in the Arab world in 2009 I find myself in turkish series fever, there are for everyone’s taste something, mostly composed of drama and a mix of romance in between.
Now to make it even more complex a new genre comes along with comedy and mystery in the new show of 2011 that is about 5 women that share the roles of the heroes of womanhood from “Desperate Housewives ” just in turkish version ( Umutsuz Ev Kadınları ) .
Today was its premiere on MBC4, a national channel of the Middle East. Instead of Desperate housewives they used the name Lost women:
نساء حاءرات


The roles are as follows. Songül plays Yasmeen, Ceyda plays Rafif, Bennu plays Nermeen, Evrim in the role of Gabrielle.


And Özge Özdere in place of Nicole Sheridan playing Amal in the dubbed version.

The roles are as follows.

Songül plays Yasmeen ( Susan) is a fashion designer as I believe because of her models in the house. She is clumsy and recently divorced. Though her husband is engaged to another woman he doesn’t agree with Yasmeen to talk to other men even if the person is a new neighbor as Ghassan ( Mike Delfino) who is an electric engineer. She seems to like him and with motivational talking from her young daughter Deema ( Julie Mayer) she begins looking for him.

Rafif ( Lynette) now is a married woman struggling everyday with 4 young children while her husband is on business trips, she was employed in the bank as it appears while she meets with one of her old colleagues in the supermarket.

Nermeen ( Bree) is very picky and likes to control every move of her family that they feel imprisoned and become distant towards her.
Hanna ( Mary Alice) killed herself and left a mourning husband Jamil and her son Murad behind.

Zeina ( Gabrielle) former beauty queen married to luay ( Carlos) who is cheating on her but she doesn’t know it yet. The most important matter in her life is her beauty. And while she is bored in the day the neighbors son Firas, knows much about computers is spending the day teaching her how to use the computer.

Amal ( Edie Britt) was 2 times married and is searching for a new Love. She has also some cooking skills from Katherine Mayfair character. Now she is competing with Yasmeen for the attention of her new neighbor Ghassan.

Everyone has secrets and it is about to be revealed in the coming weeks.

With this new version of Desperate Housewives the MBC4 channel got a new viewer.

It is an entertaining alternative which I believe to be as successful as previous turkish series shown on Middle Eastern Television channels.


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