Review: Taken by Tony Talbot


The title is so popular by many authors that while searching for the term Taken you will end up with a result of 2861 hits. So you ask yourself how such a book which isn’t even listed in the goodreads book list has got my attention. Well for once I find that being a club member in goodreads has many advantages one of them being lead to independent book authors like Tony Talbot worth reading that else I wouldn’t find by my own.

The introduction to the novel spoke to me as if saying READ ME. And so I did, I wasn’t disappointed in the contrary I was totally hooked up that I read the story within one night. Of course it is doable afterall it is considered a short novel story.

The story is told from the view of a 15 year old boy Amon Russo, living on some Greek Islands without speaking the Greek language just English and Italian. He lives with his parents in a big villa leads a luxurious life and is supposed to have it all or so we believe but at some point he is questioning his own life while driving downtown with his father yet totally excluded from the outside world, except from his own home and the employees within. Nothing is as it seems in the Russo household and though strange things happen they remain unspoken of until Amon meets up with the neighbors girl and his world begins to crumble as questions evolve that leads him to be careful. Suspicion comes up for what is true and what is a lie who to trust and who to avoid an adventure begins of finding the truth, it’s a mystery worth unleashing while reading.

What I liked:
The author gives detailed description of the surroundings without being too boring. There is some suspense and mystery which keeps some space for your own imagination to think about possible endings.
Though I find that a little more collaboration towards the end would have been the cherry on the cake for me, then just leaving the end open.

Overall I liked the story very much and would give it a 4.5/5 rating.


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