Review: The Sin Collector by Jessica Fortunato


What am I reading? How did this book get my attention. These and other questions are often asked to readers so here I am to answer it with this review.

First of all I want to thank Jessica Fortunato for giving this book up for review.

Have a look at the cover, though the graphic is very simple it just turns on your own imagination towards this novel, first I thought about a historical fiction story due to the old lettering style of the title.
Once I read the introduction on the book I thought I wasn’t very wrong about my intuition afterall. One of my favorite genre in fiction was historical fiction and this combined with some fantasy just made me interested so much more to read what is going on.

As you might have realized it is all about the sin collector, the first book in the trilogy. All is based on Liliana Masson the main character in the story, she is one of the Sin Collectors. What makes it interesting is she is immortal, remained at the age of 20 and didn’t grow old for 120 years, don’t we girls all look for remaining young physically. I am still young, though.
Back to Liliana Masson only looking into her eyes may uncover her true age, but no one up to 2009 did see, she never stayed long in one place so her cover remained unharmed. She was born human and grew up to her 20th birthday, the day when she collected her first sin by absorbing the bad thoughts of dying people is when she stopped ageing and became immortal, she became the sin collector. That doesn’t mean she cannot be harmed lethally.
Let’s go on, we are on to follow Liliana on some adventure on her way she meets with her old friend William from childhood and her Mentor Olexander who taught her everything about their kind. But there are some things she didn’t know, something that hasn’t been told to her.Enemies are not far away and the time is running out, will she be able to save her kind and find the answers she is looking for. Did I catch up your attention, read the book and you will know all.

For me it was everything that I could dream of. First I couldn’t understand the beginning but reading through, it fell all in place. The story was rich in imagination and colorful with descriptions. A new form of fantasy where anything is possible on an adventurous journey around the world. I am definitely interested in following up with the sequels.

Overall rating 5/5.


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