Review: Collection of Short Stories by Tony Talbot

Short Stories may express our experiences of our own life or the delight of having been told by someone else and we keep their stories and memories alive.
For me short stories give a glimpse of someone’s experience in life, I learn, get entertained and can provide my experience in return to others.

Here are some collected short stories by Tony Talbot

The Trunk

The view of some days through the eyes of a five year old Jewish boy in a concentration camp. Children go with an innocence through the world, they trust people with a kind look not knowing that behind this friendly mask hides someone with cruel intentions.

The Girl in the Snow

We are witnesses to a gloomy future outlined to us by a form of ice age. Normal life isn’t possible anymore – just the rescue of oneself without looking behind for other survivors. In some ways it shows the selfish behavior of a human towards survival.

The Last Packet

Lonesome smoker who pays anything to enjoy his smoke even after 87 years of non stop smoking, has to realize that some things come to an end and with it he himself, too.

The Chocolate Defence

Some people are to anything capable, if they have been deprived of something so much dear to their heart and couldn’t control their actions anymore. A story from the viewpoint of a chocoholic.

Polar Crossing

Two men and a woman modern times are making an exploration tour through Antarctica. When no life seems to exist in the poles other than their own, strange mindplays might take the upper hand of their mind. Strange occurrences appear and it is hard to evaluate between hallucinations and true findings, as if past and present coexist together.

Overall rating 3 / 5.

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