Review: Crystal Shade – Angeni Vol. 1 by Istvan Szabo


I would like to thank Istvan Szabo for giving the novel up for review.
The first novel introducing us to a fantasy trilogy upon we get to learn about the crystal shade and the main heroine of the story. How do I know it’s a she? Let’s take a look. From the cover there are some hints that might give some mental notes to some connections that I keep in mind for later on.
From the title I derive one of the keywords Angeni , it is an abbreviated girl name for angel. So the figure in the center is a girl with angel wings. Also we see the number 11 showing 3 times. Not only does this number shows the publishing date it is also versed inside the beginning of the story. We might also consider some symbolism or spiritual meaning behind the number and what I found out in some resources, which tell that one understanding of the number 1 is a new beginning and purity , in case the number occurs doubled then the power of the attributes are increased, no guarantees provided.

In the first chapter there is an old man indulging in his old memories, playful children come along and want to hear a story, so he tells the story of the person most dear to his heart, the one who he met long time ago and became one of the legendary guardian of the crystal shade. Displayed to us is a small glimpse into the childhood of Grace Sessa Aredia from the outskirts of Odessiana in the valley of Seradelphia. Her ultimate dream is to become an aresian guardian with white wings. Every person has a guardian angel for a lifetime, it guides the holder in giving hint of notions to which way to follow but in the end the holder must decide for him -/herself. The story continues where Grace actually becomes chosen by a higher mother to become a guardian, at first it is very hard for her to leave her family behind at such a young age, which symbolizes her pure soul and a start to a new beginning as Angeni. She has to learn about suffering, good and evil to be able to protect the people in Sachylia, and foremost will learn something on the crystal shade. Follow Grace in her search for the truth.

I liked the idea of the storytelling as well as the graphic style in the cover image that gave hints to the story. But the story line was kept on a slow pace, too slow for me to keep up with the mystery.

Overall rating 3 / 5.


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