Review: Two Moons of Sera Vol 1 by Pavarti K. Tyler


Pavarti K. Tyler presents us with the first volume of a adventurous paranormal short story. Sera short for Serafay is a 16 year old girl, she is a genetic anomaly as she describes herself, a cross breed between erdlander ( = human character) and sualwets ( merpeople – aquatic creatures). Not very much does Sera know of the life of both these cultures, she and her mother a sualwet have been living isolated since she was born. But she knows that her mother has sacrificed alot to come this far, repelled by her own kind she cared for her daughter Sera very dearly and loved her beyond measure even though she was different. Still the lonely feeling in her heart didn’t leave her alone at times and she wished to share her time with someone else. It is very brave and courageous to stay in such a phase of life patient for so long which makes the character of hers so much more credible.
She meets Tor ( Torkek) and they become companions which I presume in later installments may lead to a more progressive stage in their relationship to each other. Another important member of the crew becomes Elgon ( sualwet language for monster). Elgon is a big wild hound Dog and even as it seems he wants to attack in this instance he won’t do it unless he feels danger or a threatening situation that might endanger his master Tor, both share a very deep bond. For long there has been war between erdlander and sualwets but only now sees Serafay the whole situation in front of her eyes while her mother has been wounded and left out to bleed to deaths in the ocean terrain. Sera and Tor try to flee but which dangers is upon ahead only time will tell…

It is an interesting story begin but as said before not much is known about both cultures erdlander and sualwets to really get a clear picture of what is the purpose of the war between them. Maybe in the next part it will be revealed. At some times it is slow paced while at others you can’t lift your eyes off the pages and read on with enthusiasm.

Overall rating 3 / 5.


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