Review: Divine intervention by Jeannette Scollard

I found this book on Smashwords , in February they had many books that were given out for free, and this one was one of them. Still I believe that this book is for many under the category affordable and maybe you will find it as amusing as it was to me.

The story that is described in the novel of the true relationship between Philippa and Joao is fictional, through reading the ending of the story we get to know some true facts of this pair. Yet it is a good try to imagine how it might have occurred. A divine intervention indeed, where nobody knew how the outcome will end, while another had a foresight of a new and strong alliance between 2 countries Britain and Portugal. The author was skilled to bring us her side of the story nearer, and for me it ended just fine. An arranged marriage is never easy, both partners have to work out the problems and the misunderstandings. Sometimes our first impressions are not always guiding us righteously but due to the given commitment, the involved have to do their best to make it a prosperous and when one reaches high a successful one. More or less it is always the woman who carry the greater burden but this only shows how strong they are in the end. Woman like Philippa, wife, listener, adviser, parent had and have until now a great impact on world’s history. A blessing to all woman in the world who try to make the life of their beloved ones a better one.

Overall rating 3 / 5.


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