Review: Framed by Nancy Springer

What has this novel to offer among other 330 with the same title. One reason which worked for me as an instance: I read it within my lunch break, I didn’t feel sorry for taking the time for myself with my apple. Actually it reminded me much on past mystery pamphlets that I used to read, they came out on a monthly basis and I was always interested to get one of these short stories to read. This is much alike, just in electronic version.
Which for me works well, too. I would like to see more of such stories embedded in an mobile application presenting short mystery stories like these to the user on a regular basis, but until such an application has been invented I will remain by the traditional way of finding myself ones through booksites.

The mystery novel takes you on a trip through the working day of framer Veronica. It has no particular beginning, but the information is enough to get you to read on, once a mystery key is revealed.
Sometimes I feel that mystery books are like hidden chocolates, I like them both and it makes me crazy revealing their hidden nature.
The storyline mystery is kept well enough to let you read through the end, until you lay it aside and continue on other mystery stories by Nancy Springer next month or if you prefer like myself the next lunch break.

Overall rating 3 / 5.


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