My recommendation Praline and Mousse recipes for dessert lovers

Today while digging around for some easy desserts, I found these two. It was urging me to try them out at once. Truly can be recommended to all who love desserts.

One of the recipes takes you through easy to follow steps towards Pistachios Chocolate Fingers, but I thought to make small variations to the end form that ultimately leads to more chocolate pralines. For this I used an ice tray.


I believe that making your hands dirty in the kitchen is not a feeling to be embarrassed about when it comes to making desserts, at this time chocolate pralines.

For my leftover melted chocolate I prepared a Light Chocolate Mousse recipe, the recipe can be found at a German Website for eating and drinking. It was that good that I used it and didn’t feel any bad feelings about the calories (~200 kcal in total per serving), through some workout I don’t need to tell of my diet just yet. A small sin in the weekend remains our little secret. Here to the finished products



I know I could use still some training to get perfectly chocolate shapes, but for sure there is nothing negative to say about the taste. One of my sources tells me that these were ultra delicious, a compliment taken to heart that these will find a special place in my recipe collection of the must do desserts for special occasions.

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