Indie Read A Thon: My reading goals

This is about an international ebook giveaway which is hosted by Claire Louise and Tess M. Watson .

For me it is the beginning of the second day of the reading marathon. I like the idea very much to participate in any way possible. Winning is not a compulsory for me, I want to have some fun, that’s all. No better way to share the love for reading with same minded people who love it, too.

Since I began reading e-books from independent authors I feel I don’t miss out on the bestsellers of regular book markets at all. Some books I read so far have the potential of becoming a bestseller in their genre. And am proud and happy to count myself as an eager reader and reviewer, when I am not busy otherwise.

My choice for reading on this special occasion of the Indie Read a Thron are:

Lisa Buie-Collard Evangeline’s Miracle


Evangeline's Miracle


Determinant 3 rd Book Vesturon Saga

A.M. Hargrove Determinant


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