Do you believe in ghosts? Evangeline’s Miracle by Lisa Buie-Collard


This is the story of Evangeline’s Miracle by Lisa Buie-Collard.

Whatever you might think about ghosts, this story is unlike any ghost story that you might have read so far,for sure it was the case for me. I found great pleasure reading this kind of a story. In some ways it reminded me on Zynga’s game Hidden Chronicles which I like to play sometimes.
Evangeline Lacroix is the main protagonist of the story. She is an author still unpublished with doubts on herself. She leads an estranged relationship to her mother, also her husband Christian is unhappy with the life they lead and leaves her behind. She is a lonely woman.
Evangeline will find herself to be tasked with a puzzle most unusual and must follow the given hints to solve a mysterious encounter where she herself doesn’t know the reason why she has been chosen for it. A ghost like appearance or spirit in form of a woman calls for her. Evangeline is drawn into the world of this ghost who is Miracle Sobieski by night, while she sleeps, and is surrounded with the life of a family in England in the past. Also it becomes clear that also Miracle is drawn to the future and dreams of an unknown world to her,the present life of Evangeline Lacroix.
The story is very much intertwined together between the past and the present that everything becomes clearer throughout the story line. While on this mysterious path of solving a puzzle she will find herself travelling between USA, England and France. There she will find all the answers that she was looking for her entire lifetime, she will know who she is and to whom she belongs and gets to know, that she is not alone in this world. With a new found strength she will be able to fight back for the love of her life and save more than one life.

While reading this kind of a story i felt to be involved with the emotions of the protagonist. I shared the despair as well as the joy, the sadness and happiness. And like a puzzle which entertainment you can enjoy on several occasions so is this story to be read again after a while and unlock its hidden mystery.

Overall rating: 4/5.


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