Episode Summary Guide Hareem Al Sultan Season 3 Episode 64


Muhtesem Yuzyil 3, Hareem Al Sultan 3, Magnificent Century 3

This episode guide shall give an extensive summary that other online episode guides lack. I wish to give the non arabic reader, the opportunity to read the episode summary and don’t feel excluded just because of language barriers.
Some asked of translated videos with English subtitles.Until now I don’t know of any. In regard to Arabic dubbed episodes, I can only say that while the Series is still showing on Turkish Star TV it didn’t get released onto the Paid Satellite Network OSN (Orbit Showtime). Once it shows there exclusively, then the series will be dubbed in Arabic. Many thanks goes to the people who made their efforts of making the series in Arabic translations and embedding the subtitles within the video files. It isn’t as easy as it seems, there are many things to consider in this workload, just to name a few: type of video, audio frame rate, subtitle intervals, coordinating time management and synchronization. Sometimes you need to convert the video file to mpeg or avi else the subfiles aren’t supported and read.
As for me it might be easier to write a long summary than going through with working on a subtitle.

I watched previous season 1 and 2 in Arabic dubbing on Alarab. Also you can find an introduction to the series previously published. Now I watch the third season with Arabic subtitles on Alarab.

Spoiler alert

Enter the secret world in the life of the Sultan Suleiman and his court portraying love, betrayal and intrigues in its third season.

Episode 64
The episode begins with the sea, near a boat wreck a woman played by Cansu Dere is found still alive, she signals not to be a Muslim, and is taken onto a ship towards Istanbul.
Hurrem has succeeded to become the leading role in the harem which she enjoys and celebrates with monetary presents. With Sunbul Agha and Gulsha on her side as well as other eyes and ears around the palace grounds everyone’s action is known to her. While Hatice Sultan is on her way to her brother Sultan Suleiman emperor of the Ottoman Empire to make her plea for divorcing her still husband and Grand Vizier to the Sultan, Ibrahim Pasha because he cheated on her for several years with one of the employees of the harem court Nigar, who also is now pregnant. Hurrem believes the end of Ibrahim Pasha has come and he will be stripped off all his powers after the divorce. At this time he will no longer be a constant threat to Hurrem.
Sultan Suleiman accepts Hatices coming and informs her of Ibrahim Pasha going to Gaza. Hatice informs him of wanting to divorce Ibrahim Pasha and asks him to grant her this plea. Upon this request Suleiman wants to know the truth, so she tells him of the affair. He decides to leave her the full authority of the punishment of Ibrahim, either she goes forward for revenge or she forgives him. It lies solely to Hatice and Sultan Suleiman will agree to any of her decisions and he advices her to think carefully and not take it as a whim because of her anger. Gulfam is still suspicious of Mahidevran. Mahidevran tries to convince Gulfam of her innocence by swearing on the life of her son and what happened was one of the intrigue play by Hürrem. Gulfam puts it off having bigger concerns on Hatice. Ibrahim Pasha has met with the army and orders them to prepare immediately towards Gaza. While talking to his friend Mansour, who advises him to go away if he doesn’t want to seek forgiveness. Ibrahim Pasha tells him, that this is not the way of life he wants to lead, and he came to die, better as a soldier fighting in a war. Though he doesn’t care about Nigar, he cares about the child she carries and wants him to survive. In Manisa Mustafa firstborn son of Sultan Suleiman and Mahidevran holds his role as a high officer in military and administrative issues also known under the Ottoman title Sanjak-bey. In the evening Hatice in her palace finds a letter from Ibrahim. He tells her to go forward with the divorce if she wants and even if she wants to take his life, he won’t feel remorse of what he has done and lived through. When he stays alive he will return to his hometown Parga ( Greece ) and establish a new life. Hatice is very disturbed and angry, Mahidevran visits her and tells her, not to divorce Ibrahim, because this too, is a strategy of Hürrem to make an end to Ibrahim by letting Hatice seal the end of Ibrahim.
Mustafa who holds his position in Manisa remembers what Ibrahim Pasha and his father Suleiman told him once.
Quote by Ibrahim to Mustafa: There are three animals eating the soul of a human: the tiger, the lion, and the wolf. One of them is greed, the other is arrogance, the remaining is eager.
Quote by Suleiman: The most thing frightening in between all the fear, is the vanity for oneself.
Mohammed has received his new room in the palace, Mirimah also wants a room of her own and Hurrem tells her once she settled in the room of her mother in-law she will leave hers to Mirimah. Mirimah argues it is impossible, the room will stay empty as the others say. But Hurrem quiets her down reassuring her, why to hear of the words of others.
Sultan Suleiman orders Rüstem Agha to deliver a wooden box with the highest security to Ibrahim, sealed with the royal emblem holding something precious inside, still unknown.
Advisors to Ibrahim tell him that the army of Tahmasp, Shah of Iran in the Safavid dynasty is in the vacinity of Tabriz the capitol. The plan is to conquer Tabriz and use it to broaden the Ottoman empire by installing a new country with an ambassador, which will make it easier to go after Baghdad.
Rüstem Agha responsible for the sultans animals chose the new horses for Mohammed and Mirimah, whereupon the children are very pleased with the animals. While Rüstem Agha delivers a note from Iskander Shalabi to Hurrem. Iskandar Shalabi tells Hürrem that she can trust Rüstem with any work, as he is talented and worthy of trust in the time where he Iskandar Shalabi cannot be near her side. Hurrem is content. Gulsha< received the order from Hurrem to prepare all for resettlement into the room of Suleiman's mother. She meets Gulfam Hatun on her way and informs her, but she is send away forcefully, not able to continue her way. The orders given to Gulfam from Suleiman were clear, the room will stay empty until he orders otherwise. Cansu Dere helps another prisoner slave girl called Sophia to escape, she played to be terribly ill by not being able to breath and always coughing, so they reached the top floor deck. Sophia shall cross the ocean towards the island in sight by swimming and reach the place her family and brother live. Cansu Dere stays behind and receives the Christian cross as a gift. The captain asks her why she didn't flee, too. Who she is,where did she come from and where she wants to go. She tells him, it is of no importance who she is, she is like the other slaves in the under deck going where destiny will take her. Someone of Ibrahims servants tells Nigar to be ready to flee from the prison cell. Hurrem advances to Gulfam and requests her with which right does she forbid her coming to the room. Gulfam again clarifies that it is the wish of Sultan Suleiman for the room to stay empty. To this Hurrem answers if she wants something she takes it fast. Hatice from the background coming says she won't this time. She approaches to Hurrem and asks her what she is doing? What is her plan? In the past she was forbidding Mahidevran having the room, and reminded Hurrem to what she said, as it would be a not respectful act towards the memory of the dear mother. And now she implies that Hurrem wanting it now for herself. Hurrem replies that there has changed a lot from the past days till today, and enough time has passed so it isn't necessary for the room to stay empty any longer. Hatice says it will always stay empty and asks Hurrem if she knows why. So she tells her it is the room for the mothers of the sultan who reside in this room, with that Hurrem looks at Mahidevran. Hatice continues that in case one of Hurrem's son is destined for taking the Sultans seat one day, at that moment the room will belong to her. Mahidevran is making a grim face whispering a prayer to the Lord to let this plan fail should it be written as destiny. Hatice turning to Hürrem asking her to return to her room. Hurrem leaves and meets Sunbul Agha in the hallway, she tells him everyone conspired against her and that the room will stay empty. Sunbul informs her it's tradition that way. Hürrem answers if she would follow the tradition she wouldn't have stood alive in front of him. Sunbul nods and tells her there is no hurry, soon the Sultan will leave to Gaza. Hurrem made up her mind, the room will be hers.
Hatice reassures Mahidevran and Gulfam that she won't allow Hurrem to do as she pleases. She believes Hurrem has destroyed her life, the reason that she lost the love to Ibrahim. But she will let Hurrem pay for it, taking revenge by making her live the same pain. When one day another woman enters into Suleimans life, Hurrem will want to wish to have never been born.
Mansour taking to Ibrahim that maybe the Sultane Hatice didn't speak to Suleiman and he doesn't know, since no news came. Ibrahim is sure that Suleiman knows it all, cause Hurrem will not leave this chance out. Iskandar Shalabi approaches Ibrahim bringing him news of Istanbul. That Sultan Suleiman has invited Captain Khedr to his throne and will appoint him Commander of the sea. With an insulting joke Ibrahim says to Iskandar Shalabi that he shall be appointed messenger once he is put off his task. Iskandar Shalabi aware of this joke, provokes Ibrahim by telling him, that he hears many things like the stories about Nigar.Ibrahim who wants to beat Iskandar Shalabi, is stopped by Mansour. Captain Khedr is accepted to the throne, he has been introduced to the rules but ignores it. Instead of kissing the dress he kisses the hand of Sultan Suleiman. Suleiman greets him in the circle and presents him with the dress of the commander since he deserved it by bringing Algeria into the Ottoman Empire, to wherever he is on the sea, he will represent the Ottoman Empire from this day onward.
All the slave girls from the ship have been brought to Topkapi Palace, they are staying before the castle gates. There are so many they are sorted out. Even Cansu Dere is there but she isn't chosen, she is sent back. While asking to where, a female tells her to the prisoner market in the city. Unwillingly she goes.
Captain Khedr as a trustworthy member of the Ottoman Empire will do his utmost possible to expand the reign of the Ottoman Empire, thus is the belief of Sultan Suleiman. Before he takes his position as a commander he will travel to Aleppo then meet up with Ibrahim. Hatice sees all the new woman and gets to know that those are a present from Captain Khedr to the Sultan. She appoints Gulfam to oversee the most beautiful and talented, so one of them will be proposed to go to Suleiman.
The Safavid Army laid a trap for the Ottoman Army and Ibrahim in their midst, the aim was to kill Ibrahim. But Ibrahim came out victorious from the fight.
A woman is getting prepared for entering the private room of Suleiman, she is one of the slaves Captain Khedr brought. Hatice is satisfied, only Hürrem is boiling and tells Gulsha to go with Sunbul to choose the most beautiful girls so they can be her servants and be far away from the private room as possible. Meanwhile it is shown as Hurrem is the one who forbids the other woman from entering. Gulfam is taught from Hatice to resign her position and leave it to someone stronger. She goes forward to the Sultan with that idea and tells him about that she cannot fill in the position of the harem official, since Hürrem denies her every move when it comes to following the tradition. First he denies her request but then he approves when learning that there are some problems between Hatice and Hürrem and the fight will become greater once he leaves for Gaza.
Nigars plan to flee fails since she is surprised by the coming Hatice. Hatice inquiring about her try to flee, who was helping? Nigar tells her it was Ibrahim because he loves her, and she can make him happy. On a whim Hatice orders to cut her head off but stops it from happening, she says to Nigar, that she will be the one who will beg for her death one time and she will live a tortured life. The guards take Nigar back to the prison.
Mustafa orders to kill one of the Beiks who talked behind his back very bad, but in front did as it were all lies. His apologies didn't move Mustafa to change his mind. Mustafa learns that his mother position was cancelled and she will arrive soon in the palace in Manisa. Suleiman summons Hurrem and tells her that he has given her the control of the management of he harem but this doesn't include her telling who will enter or exit the private rooms, nor is there anything called a forbidding matter. Hurrem says to him, she doesn't know who explained this to him but he interrupts her telling that he has given her permissions no one other received, and it was in his belief that she deserved it. If one day she will be out of the circle of his trust, she must know he will be out of her life as well. Hurrem says she doesn't believe what he says blindly. All of this is just a trap to keep him far away from her. Suleiman informs her that Gulfam resigned and he accepted it. He is sending towards Afife from Trabzon, who will claim the position instead. Hürrem learns that Afife is the second mother of Suleiman. Suleiman says that all can learn from the experience and wisdom of Afife. It comes out that this was a well thought out plan by Hatice upon Hurrem, she will have to take her battles with Afife. Hurrem is boiling of anger. Sunbul gets to know Afife is coming and tells that it is something even the sultans mother was afraid of this woman. Upon this Hurrem shouts at her servants Asmaa and Gulsha to pack her things they are leaving. And they shall hurry.
Ibrahim receives the box sultan Suleiman sent, he orders everyone to leave the tent. In it he finds the armory with which Suleiman was hit in the chest.
And remembers what Suleiman told him:
There is fear in your eyes. But I don't see friendship. The secret that you hide from me whatsoever it might be, doesn't make you strong Ibrahim, it makes you a coward.
It appears that Hurrem meant the moving into the sultans mother room where she is sitting now relaxing. Hatice heard about it and comes in tow with Gulfam and Mahidevran. Wasn't it clear to Hurrem that the room will stay empty, so Hurrem replies the room belongs now to her. They send everyone's out, now Hatice is alone with Hurrem. Hurrem tells her that the pain of the adultery has made her heart turn black, and her eyes like a witch that she understands. Cause as a woman she doesn't want to be in the place of Hatice.
Hatice says she will take her soul. Hurrem says don't stop. There have been many times threats of deaths but she was coming out alive and now she will again. But for you sultana Hatice there is no hiding from the adultery everybody has heard from and it will accompany you wherever you go. Hatice replies that there will be one day people will talk about her and she will be mocked. Because Suleiman will come to love another woman. Hurrem says dream on, there is no other woman, such a woman doesn't live in this world. A change of scene we see Cansu Dere in the prisoner market, someone asking for the price. It is 300 gold pieces for a slave. It's revealed Cansu Dere is Firuze.
Hatice says to Hurrem when you are so sure that there will be no other woman in the Sultans life why does she forbid the woman from entering. Hurrem says there is no need for other woman this time, and provocates Hatice by saying they could instead propose some woman for Ibrahim. The ending scene is when Hatice hits Hurrem.


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  1. Hi thank you for the summary. I have one question about Firouze (the new slave girl) who happens to become The Sultan’s new beloved. How many episodes is she on the show before she gets kicked out of the harrem?


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