Review: Place of Peace by Debra Diaz


Place of Peace by Debra Diaz

The storyline sounded interesting so while it was offered for free one time on Smashwords I grabbed myself a copy to read later on.
I didn’t like the beginning of the story very much, but there is some truth in one’s saying never to judge a workpiece beforehand by having read just a few pages.
The story evolved into a really nice romantic story that I enjoyed reading from half the book on.
It is based on an American novel held between at time of the post civil war in the south between Knoxville, Nashville and Memphis. Virginia Genny Romayne leaves her home-escaping from a marriage her father has chosen but she herself doesn’t want to go through.
In the note she left her parents writing she married another man and left with him. Arriving in Nashville she puts her status as a widow, so no one will ask any further questions. She gets employed as a secretary and nurse for the doctor in town, after a while both fall in love and marry. As in all relationships misunderstandings of crucial moments in life makes it painful for those who don’t speak about it in a common sense and just try to punish others and getting punished themselves for this, is no solution.
Got interested, I did. A little drama is always entertaining and it’s worth the reading just to see how the story turns.

Overall rating 3 /5.


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