Episode Summary Guide Hareem Al Sultan Season 3 Episode 65

This is the English Summary from the Turkish TV series Muhtesem Yuzyil. Its Arabic title is Hareem Al Sultan as I watch it with Arabic subtitles.

Hareem Al Sultan Episode 65

Hatice argues how come Hurrem speaks with her in this insulting way. Hurrem trying to calm down asks her to leave that room and gets a reply that she shall leave instead. Therefore Hurrem says it must be painful for Hatice to get to know that a normal slave girl has risen up to take the room of the sultans mother. But she cannot be blamed as she wasn’t the one who brought Nigar into the palace between Hatice and Ibrahim.
Mirimah enjoys her new room. She wants to make few changes that she has a say to and doesn’t want it to be to the wishes of Gulsha. In the mean time Suleiman comes and asks of Mirimahs well being and if she liked her present. Mirimah said she liked it a lot. Upon asking of the whereabouts of Hurrem, Mirimah informs him that she moved to the sultans mother room.
Hurrem knows how difficult it must be to live with this.
That Ibrahim has lived a big love story with Nigar and doesn’t love Hatice, she shouldn’t fool herself. Her love turned to a stoned heart and it made it even more so when Ibrahim left. And when she lays her eyes upon Nigar she will know that no happiness and joy will fill her heart again.
Hatice tells Hurrem: Say what you want, do what you wish but you will never be able to burn me. But I am able to burn you and I burn you that far that people won’t find your ashes afterwards.
Hurrem says: All my enemies tried to do so, Suleimans mother, your husband Ibrahim but they failed. What might you do? You make me laugh.
Hatice tells to Hurrem that she knows of the plan to get rid of Ibrahim, and surprises her with the news that she decided against a divorce since the Sultan said it is solely her decision, and she won’t change her opinion about this. Furthermore she tells Hurrem not to be too happy once the Sultan knows her whereabouts, he won’t allow her stay in this room.
Firuze and two other woman have been sold to a tradesman.
Hurrem is upset since Hatice stays now also against her and there will be no divorce.
Suleiman has come and wants to know why she is in the sultans mother room. She answers it’s not because of a personal gain but to give her children more freedom and relaxation. Nevertheless Suleiman orders her to leave this room but she says No. Defending herself that as she has no right to involve herself to his private issues, he should also not get concerned of the harems business. Angry Suleiman says don’t override your boundaries Hurrem and know who you are talking with. Hurrem replies if he takes her out of this room, he shall take her out of the harem. With a smirk Suleiman answers I will let you out and leaves the room leaving a terrified Hurrem alone.
The next day Hurrem, Sunbul and Nazle are in the carriage on their way to the old castle, where Suleiman, Mohammed and Mirimah are. She sees how Firuze and the other girls are beaten up and asks Sunbul to bring them as her servants.
Mansour asks Ibrahim what the sultan has sent him. Ibrahim says he send me a protective shield to protect me from the death. Mansour tells him that the sultan has given him then a sign that he himself has to make the decision to live by wearing the shield or to die while not wearing the shield.
Ibrahim summons all to give a speech before going into the battle and will hear all of their problems that they faced in the discussion round.
Iskandar Shalabi is meeting the judge of Azerbaijan. He wants that Ibrahim fails in this battle so he will not get any consideration from Sultan Suleiman.
Back in Ibrahims tent, Ibrahim says he got information to all their problems and will fill all their needs. One soldier coming forward making an complaint. Ibrahim not happy with the complaint kills the soldier.
Hurrem has arrived, she sends a note with Rustem Agha for delivery to Iskandar Shalabi. Suleiman sends the children to ride the horses, he stays with Hurrem behind. He doesn’t want to seek her communication. It’s not the problem of the room he is upset, cause he told her in case she asked he would have built her a castle.But it’s too late for apologies. He made the decision of her leaving the room or she will have to take the consequences of her actions.
Suddenly the cries of Mirimah calling her mother, distracting Suleiman and Hurrem.
Mirimah has fallen from the horse and has a small wound, she is relaxing in her room. But hears from her brothers that it won’t be long until her mother returns to this room, she gets upset. When the Sultan comes to her, she begins to cry and begs her father that she wants this as her room and asks his allowance to remain there. Sultan Suleiman accepts it for his daughter’s sake. Hurrem goes to her daughter telling her the news and that she as her mother promises to marry Mirimah to the man that she loves, finally she will also remain in the room of the sultans mother. Hatice is angry about Suleimans decision.
Ibrahim hears a poem told by one of the soldiers asking from whom it is. The soldiers answer him, it is from Tashli Yehia. The soldier comes forward saying that no one has heard it before, Ibrahim takes it as he is mocked upon and threatens to take his head if he doesn’t like the remaining end of the poem.
Hatice becomes short of breath when she sees Hurrem and falls, she is helped by Firuze who reads upon her religious verses, and gets unconscious. Firuze advises Gulfam that Hatice needs to rest.
Suleiman learns to know that Tahmasp warriors laid a trap for the Ottoman army, Ibrahim got wounded but it isn’t deep and he is alright.
Hatice lets Firuze come to her and asks her where she comes from, she says she comes from a Syriac area.
Gulfam is not satisfied with the answer and asks how she came cause until now no woman has reached Istanbul from such places. Firuze says that barbarians have crossed her way and she came with captain Khedr. Hatice wants to know what Firuze said and did with her hand.
Small Prayer of Firuze:
Lord help us so we can live and the forgiveness of others. She said it wasn’t her hand but the hand of a holy entity (Allah forgive me, PBUH), that healed Hatice.
Suleiman is announced. Gulfam tells Firuze to stay in the corner and keep her eyes down.
Hurrem approaches one of the guards and asks if he has any information about Nigar. He says Nigar is imprisoned in Hatice’s Palace and they will kill her once the child is born. Upon what will happen to the child, he answers he will go through the same fate.
Hurrem asks the guard to do everything in his possibility to free Nigar before she gives birth. She stands aside with him so Gulsha, doesn’t hear about the plan.
Suleiman informs Hatice that Ibrahim is alright and she shall rest in the palace today. He asks for water. Gulfam signals to Firuze to serve water. She brings it forward, while keeping her head down. Upon seeing the green emerald ring, she remembers the strange dream she had. She risks to look upon his face and looks down again, starting to get nervous and trembles. She leaves the room her heart beating fast. It is as if her dream has come true. She seems to be happy, though.
Hatice tells Suleiman that she has decided not to divorce Ibrahim, she doesn’t want to loose him because it will make her situation worse also she wants her children to grow up around their father.
Hurrem arrives at the stables giving Rustem a small gift for having saved Mirimah, away from all ears she asks if her note to Iskandar Shalabi has arrived safely. Rustem says yes.
Mustapha is on a hunting trip since two days he is trying to catch the small deer but it fails again,cause the laughs of two girls passing interrupt his concentration. He advances to them and complaints but is only joked at, cause they don’t think the crown prince would walk the same way they do. To them he is just a handsome man. The two girls one of them called Helena are called and they continue their way to to a small river to wash their clothes. It becomes apparent that Mustapha followed the girls, Helena smiles. One of the advisers approaches Mustapha and says that his behaviour of watching women is not suitable for him as the son of the sultan, he should stick to the traditions. Mustapha tells him not to lecture him about traditions, he knows what to do and leaves the river.
Suleiman decides that Mustapha will not go to the battle in Gaza, he will stay in Istanbul and be a leader of the Ottoman Empire in his own absence, but he is sure that it will make him not less a warrior.
Ms Afife has arrived and Suleiman welcomes her to the palace and to her new home, Afife thanks him graciously and says it’s an honor. Firuze has collected some flowers of the private garden and will dry them. A small conversation starts between her and Fatima, to be able to let her out in the garden as well.
Hatice tells Afife that she knows of Hurrems doing to prohibit any other woman of entering Suleiman life, this why she send for Afife, Hatice will not allow the embarrassment of her, Hatice only wants her to do as the traditions say, it will be enough to put an end to Hurrems control over the Sultan. Gulsha begins to quarrel with Fatima. Afife sees them and punishes them thereof by beating on their feet. She warns everyone not to engage to any quarrels and to follow the rules else she will punish them whoever it is.
Afterwards she goes to Hurrem to greet her. She welcomes her and tells Afife that the ones who were punished would have taken what they deserved adding not to listen to any of the rumors about her and lets her leave. She tells her maid Nazle that the preparations for solving the problem of Nigar should be taken care of. Since the presence of Afife are the means of Hatice and there shall be appropriate response to it.
Captain Khedr ( lit. Barbarossa) is welcomed by Ibrahim and his soldiers. With the approval of Ibrahim he will fill the position as he was told. Khedr brought a painting from Titziano of a noble woman to be one of the most beautiful women in the world additional to one his eyes have ever crossed on. He only saw her once from far. So Ibrahim tells him to kidnap this woman so he can see Giulia Gonzaga, to forward her to the Sultan in place of Hurrem.
Hurrem prepares herself to go to Suleiman but when standing at his door she is informed that he is not in the palace but next to Hatice. Suleiman returns at night back to the palace and sees Firuze playing the harp in the music room. Hatice tells Mahidevran that Mustapha will not follow in the war but will have a much bigger position in the role of a Sultan when his father leaves to Gaza. No one should know, not even Hurrem. When Afife comes, Hatice tells her to prepare for a small party with female dancers for the Sultan before he goes to the battle.
Hurrem has been waiting for Suleiman in his room, but he tells her off that he has work and signals her to leave. The first time he rejected her and the emotional break is written on her face.
Ibrahim sets a plan how to overcome Tahmasp, the goal is Tabriz but it shall be entered after Baghdad has been taken. One of the soldiers say it will be lost time and proposes to attack them directly in Tabriz. Ibrahim holds it risky, he doesn’t hold much knowledge about the place but thinks due to its mountain and hill sides, as well as rivers the soldiers may get lost. Also he asks the soldier how to transport the heavy guns over there. The soldier says that the shortest way may be the better, and there won’t be the need to take all heavy guns with them, a part of them could be left in Aleppo.
Ibrahim asks Khedr about his opinion and Khedr says its impossible to cross that way directly as it is dangerous. Ibrahim approves and decides thereof to go towards Baghdad. He wants to install Baghdad as an Ottoman center.
The poet Tashli Yehia approaches Iskandar Shalabi and asks him to give him his poetry book cause Ibrahim wants to read it. Iskandar Shalabi questions provocative are you able to take it from me so you can forward it to him.
Back in Ibrahim tent it is discussed that once all the problems of Baghdad have been solved, they will install a crown prince to expand the reach of the Ottoman empire. This decision who will take this role is solely by the Sultan.
Iskandar Shalabi is sure that would it go after Ibrahim he would want to install himself as a vizier to rule over Baghdad.
Mustapha is searching for a place to sit and finds Helena swimming in one of the small lakes in the forest. He sits on the stones and watches until she realizes him there. She argues that she won’t leave this place but in the urgence that he wouldn’t join her, she willingly goes off the water while Mustaphas back and face is turned away. After she got dressed she tells him to go find another place to sit, since this place belongs to her. She leaves him and forgets her shawl.
Tashli hears Ibrahim playing the violin, when a threat turns up he takes his sword running forward. First Ibrahim thinks the attack from Tashli is against him, but the thrown knife goes behind him and kills the one of the assassins of Tahmasp side. Therefore Tashli is the saviour of Ibrahim. Nigar fakes that she is in childs labor and comes out of prison, she is helped by one if the female doctors and a guard, that is when she learns her saving is from the side of Hurrem. She must decide to follow them or stay to die. She decides to go with them but is surprised cause now she is in real labor. The other two leave her and flee. The palace guards take Nigar back inside.
Ms Afife wanted to make sure of Kirasas choice of new girls to the party. He has chosen well, Hatice reminds not to forget one of her references Firuze to let her in the party. Afife calls upon Firuze and tells her to be prepared for the next day.
Gulsha wants to go in the garden to get some air but Hurrem knows all about Gulsha, so she tells her. Gulsha I know how you look at Rustem, but keep away from this man and don’t entangle this man with problems. Sunbul brings bad news to Hurrem as he heard that Ms Afife is preparing for a private party for the Sultan. Hurrem says at last Ms Afife has began to her games with me.

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