Episode Summary Guide Hareem Al Sultan Season 3 Episode 66 (Muhtesem Yuzyil)

Muhtesem Yuzyil Season 3 Episode 66 or Episode 3.

Hareem Al Sultan Episode 66

Hurrem hearing about the news of the private party for Suleiman goes to Afife and confronts her directly. Why would she keep about it quiet and Hurrem only hears about it accidentally. At the end of the conversation to whatever reason this party is to be held she tells Afife that she won’t allow it and it will not happen.
In Aleppo Iskandar Shalabi is upset that Ibrahim is still alive, one of the guards call him and he meets with Ibrahim, who shows him the assassin who was appointed to kill Ibrahim. Ibrahim is sure amongst their midst is a traitor, and he was the one who gave entry to this assassin and told him to kill Ibrahim but was killed himself. They prepared his grave, while Ibrahim is turned to Iskandar Shalabi he tells him that he will find out who is the traitor and this time he will be the one to dig that grave.
Nigar went through a difficult childbirth and became unconscious. When she awakes asking for her child they tell her the child was born dead. She cannot believe it and cries hysterically. Hatice, Gulfam and Mahidevran become aware of Nigar’s shouting and go to the room. Nigar begs Hatice to give her the child if dead or alive she wants to hold him and smell its scent afterwards Hatice can kill her. But Hatice says that the child has been buried and heaven has opened its gate for him. Nigar wants to die as well and be united with her child, but Hatice says she will kill her once she finds it suitable, that is not now. Nigar asks Gulfam if the truth, and Gulf am tells her that she heard it. The newborn has paid all the sins that Nigar has done in life. Nigar asks was the newborn a girl? Gulfam nods in approval.
Hurrem asks that they finish the room of Mirimah and don’t hesitate of any expenses. Gulsha tells her that Afife is doing all the necessary.
Hurrem isn’t sure if the party will be held she asks Gulsha to keep her eyes open she wants to know who will enter and exit the room of the Sultan. While all the time Firuze is in the room. Sunbul enters and signals Gulsha all to leave the room. The door closes behind them and he tells Hurrem that the plan to free Nigar has failed.
Suleiman and his son Mohammed are training with the swords. Mohammed sword is thrown away and he says he lost again, Suleiman asks him why. Mohammed says because he was stronger. Suleiman says that it’s not strength alone that wield the sword. When he grows older he may face others stronger than him what would he do then. Mohammed says he would die with honor like any other soldier on the battlefield. Suleiman has no doubt about that but says if to Mohammed if he listens carefully to what Suleiman says, it is not him who will die, it is the enemy. The sword is wielded with the mind and the strength with these characteristics he will even defeat two enemies.
Iskandar Shalabi is disturbed he was so sure that he would be rid off Ibrahim but Tashli came to save Ibrahim and the plan failed. One of the guards ask Iskandar Shalabi to let the plans of getting rid of Ibrahim quiet down for a while else they will be caught responsible. Iskandar Shalabi refuses to do so. Ali Beik enters the tent and asks if Iskandar Shalabi had anything to do with that assassin. Iskandar Shalabi says he hasn’t, he would have left the place since long time. Ali Beik tells him that he also hates Ibrahim but not death alone is the way to get rid of Ibrahim since it is known he was the grand vizier to the Ottoman empire and the official representative to the Sultan. Iskandar Shalabis only goal is that Ibrahim fails his mission. This is why he must go directly to Tabriz. Ali Beik says he had done everything to convince him without success, Iskandar Shalabi it’s not with words alone to convince him. As it’s known Ibrahim plans to create a new Ottoman government in non-Arab lands, this information shall reach the Sultan and we would gain a lot. He is sure that Ali Beik will be appointed to its responsibility and Iskandar Shalabi is sure he would be good governor there. This is why it’s so important to convince him to the other way. How shall it be done, Iskandar says we will get information from the most near person to Ibrahim.
Ibrahim is sure that Iskandar Shalabi and another is working together to get rid of him. Wouldn’t it have been for Tashli Yehia there would be now condolences in this tent. Mansour Nasoukh ( family name is Mansour ) says maybe it isn’t of Iskandar Shalabi.
Nasoukh is afraid that the rivalry between Iskandar Shalabi and Ibrahim will cause a lot of problems. Ibrahim tells him that he doesn’t want to go into battle with people he doesn’t trust. He will go to battle with men like him Nasoukh, that he trusts not the like of Iskandar Shalabi.
Mohammed asks his father if Mustapha is coming, Suleiman says yes. He is appointed representative to the Ottoman Empire in the time that he ( Suleiman) is absent. Mohammed is happy and wants to go and tell his brothers of the news so they get joyful as well.
Suleiman asks Rustem to come nearer he tells him that Mirimah is one of the nearest people in his life and when he saved her, it was as if he saved the Sultan. So he decided to raise his salary to 150 piece of gold instead of 100. He should tell if he has any problems but there aren’t. Suleiman asks if he married. Rustem says not yet. Suleiman says marriage is of importance he shall choose a woman and have a family. This is also the goal of Rustem of course.
Mustapha asks to prepare a room for his mother coming to be the most beautiful. There is a possibility of her coming when he leaves to war and he doesn’t want anything to disturb her in his absence. When he is alone in the room, he grabs the shawl and smells the scent of the owner. He is still thinking of her.
Helena and Rita meet up to work. Rita was late because of her fiancée Dimitri. Helena tells her about the incident in the lake, Rita asks when will he return and gets to know next week. But Helena says she won’t go. Rita joking with her tells she wouldn’t let this chance slip of her hand and will see him if Helena doesn’t want, he is much better looking than her fiancee. Both laugh.
Mustapha receives a note from the Sultan. He is upset that he won’t go to the battle, he was wishing for this day to come and the Sultan knew of his ambition. Instead he must fill in his representative role to govern the Ottoman Empire from Istanbul in his fathers absence. Afife has been waiting for the Sultan to ask of his permission to give a private party for him this evening if he doesn’t mind. He approves. Sunbul Agha approaching with hesitancy asks Afife if she needs any help, Afife says No, she will call for him once there is need. He meets with Gulsha who also doesn’t know what to do. Firuze is preparing herself in Ibrahim Pashas room. Fatima tells her how Hurrem reached to the Sultans room, she has caught the Sultans attention by dancing alone in front of everybody and he chose her by throwing a blue handkerchief. If she is smart and takes the attention of the Sultan as well, she will be the next to spend the night with the Sultan. Firuze asks Fatima to leave so she can prepare herself. She wears a red dress and asks Fatima to leave her. Sunbul Agha and Gulsha go to Hurrem and tell her that they were forbidden to enter the other path so they couldn’t see any of the girls who entered into Suleimans room. Hurrem is sure that Afife has appointed war on her but it will cost her gravely for this mistake, she asks both her servants to leave her alone to think quietly. And while Firuze is alone, she takes the scissors and cuts the dress to make a new model out of it, so she can acquire the attention of the Sultan with her beauty and mysterious dress.
Upon the request of Ibrahim Tashli Yehia has gone to his tent. Ibrahim congratulates him that he is a good poet as well as a good soldier. He stays in his debt of saving his life so he could ask for anything. But Tashli Yehia refuses and says it was his duty. Ibrahim says he won’t forget his deed and wants him next to his side all the time. The party has began and Hurrem is angry. She is on the balcony trying to get to know look upon something but she only hears the music playing. Firuze did well with her costume, under the niqab no one recognizes her and she dances her solo for the Sultan. She receives the blue handkerchief to be the chosen one.
Mustapha has gone to the market. Also Helena and her father went to the market but they didn’t see each other just yet. Helena and her father go to Abas shop for garments and carpets. Abas is interested to marry Helena but she doesn’t want to have anything to do with him and excuses herself to her father to wait outside the shop.
Mustapha asks Lala his advisor to be the representative to him to take good care in his absence and to inform him continuously about any changes concerning the kingdom of Manisa while he is in Istanbul. Raising his head, Mustapha sees Helena and approaches her. He asks her to come to the place that they first met, but she refuses. He asks again telling her that he has something special that concerns her and want to give it, when asking what it is. He says when she comes she will see. She doesn’t want her father to see her with him, when she sees him. She leaves Ibrahim without answering.
Back in Istanbul Hurrem meets with one of the guards who she ordered to free Nigar. She knows that he failed and asks about the well being of Nigar and the newborn. He tells her that they say the newborn was born dead. Hurrem doesn’t believe it’s true. She asks about Nigar and he tells her that she will be getting her punishment today. She orders him to do anything in his powers to free Nigar from Hatices palace but he says it might be too late, all the while Rustem hears the whole conversation. Hurrem tells Gulsha to seek Rustem and ask if there are any news of Iskandar Shalabi. She goes to the stables and asks him, but he tells her that if there are any he will tell it to Sultana Hurrem himself. It’s clear that Gulsha likes Rustem and tries to come near him by offering her assistance in any case needed. He rides away. Nigar who lost her baby girl is desperate and wants to hang herself, but she is caught by the servants and they don’t allow her.
A letter is taken from Mahmoud Beik to Ibrahim informing him that Tahmasp has taken his army away from Tabriz and is now heading to the Caspian Sea. That means that Tabriz is left without any protection and this is a chance to gain profit. A letter from Iskandar Shalabi reaches Sultan Suleiman, he writes him that he needs to tell him something urgent of what Ibrahim said. That his aim is to install a new Ottoman government in the Persian land and that he himself will be the leader. Suleiman gets angry.
Ali Beik who hates Ibrahim says not to worry at all he knows the region like his own name and he knows a shortcut to there. From where they are stationed right now it will take a week to reach Tabriz. If they are heading instead to Baghdad they might loose the control of Tabriz. Ibrahim asks Mustapha Beik of his opinion, he says Tabriz is an important zone to reach Baghdad. Ibrahim wants to call all advisors together in the night where it shall be decided together of the next step.
Gulfam talks to Hatice that Firuze has got the blue handkerchief. She is the second after such a long time to receive it and she is lucky. Hatice says there is something mysterious about this woman that she felt. Finally a woman who will stand in between Hurrem. Gulfam says to what end, Hatice in approving that Firuze needs strong protection. A servant informs Hatice that Nigar was trying for kill herself. Gulf am asks either to punish her ( death by beheading) or to take her out.
Mahidevran has waited for Hurrem, Hurrem asks her why she didn’t leave yet or is she just wanting to serve Hatice Sultan. Mahidevran tells her she won’t leave cause Mustapha has been appointed representative and will lead this role in Istanbul until Suleiman comes back from war. Hurrem congratulates her and wants to leave but Mahidevrans words are not at an end. She tells her that Suleiman has given another woman the blue handkerchief and this woman will spent the night with Suleiman. Thus stealing the love and heart from Hurrem. Finally this woman has come.
Afife warns Firuze to be more careful she doesn’t want anybody to see the handkerchief else she won’t be able to guarantee her safety. Firuze says why all this fear what would Sultana Hurrem do. Afife says she will do anything. Firuze says that Hurrem will learn about it, so Afife tells her she will know after the heart and mind of Sultan Suleiman is with Firuze afterwards they will find a solution. Now she should go next to Kiraz Agha, he will appoint her to a safe place.
Sunbul Agha has brought the girls who were dancing for the Sultan in the night and is questioning them now.
One of the girls say there was another girl, they couldn’t see who it is because she has hidden her face. It is her who has taken the blue handkerchief. Hurrem orders Sunbul to find this woman wherever she is.
Firuze is taken as a servant to Mirimah. Mirimah tells them that she not like the other sultana. They will have to follow her orders without any objections, the one who does her duty will stay with me and I will reward her also else I will fire you from the the palace grounds. Hurrem begs the Sultan not to punish her in this way not to break her heart another time. The Sultan asks her what she is talking about. She means that he will stay with another woman tonight. She says he does this to punish her, to bring a distance between them cause he is still angry. She tells him that she submits to her mistakes and wants to make it right.
Suleiman tells her that this night has nothing to do with her. All what I do isn’t because of you. Hurrem says she will wait for him tonight. If he doesn’t come tonight, she swears on her children that she won’t see the sunlight again after this day and her face will stay always in darkness. Suleiman leaves her without a comment. Iskandar Shalabi asks for the reason of the discussion, and it has been decided since long not to go to Tabriz so why the change. Ali Beik tells him of the letter from Mahmud Beik. And of the benefit. Iskandar argues it’s dangerous additionally there is a strong fortress so it might take weeks to overcome. (actually it was from the beginning his idea that Ibrahim goes towards Tabriz instead of Baghdad, he is just playing a role of the reluctant opposer to this plan)
Nasoukh Effendi is the opinion to take all possibilities into account. But it would be a mistake to leave the chance out to conquer Tabriz since there are no troops there and it’s left without protection. Ibrahim tells Mustapha Beik to get ready they will move towards Tabriz. Ibrahim has decided and sends them out. Just Nasoukh remains. Ibrahim wishes to end this war and go back to his life, but Nasoukh tells him nothing will be as it was. Ibrahim says it’s destiny. He asks for news of Nigar but there aren’t any. We see Nigar kneeling her head above a stone block she is ready for her final judgement. The swordsman lifts his sword.
( Scene changes to Topkapi Palace)
Mirimah asks her brother if he wants a private room though he is still young. But he conquers that she is young herself. He wants her to speak for him to get also one, she says she cannot do everything but she promises to try. Firuze is standing next to them. Hatice enters the room. Hatice asks Firuze to leave her with the children. Signaling her without anyone noticing that she can make herself ready for the sultan.
Hurrem believes Suleiman has come, instead it is Sunbul. He tells Hurrem he send for Gulsha she is now in Ibrahim Pashas room to check which girl will spent the night with Suleiman. Hurrem is still convinced that Suleiman will come next to her and won’t spend the night with another woman but her voice is trembling.
Firuze has prepared herself and they are taking her on the golden path to the Sultan. Fatima tells her if she can make the Sultan happy she will not only have his heart but also be a Sultana. Kiraz Agha repeats again the rules she has to follow. Fatima tells her not to listen to his words but says. “Listen to your heart it will guide you on the right way”. Firuze says that it’s as if her heart has stopped beating and she doesn’t hear anything. Gulsha hasn’t seen the woman because she wore a white veil covering her whole body. She tries to go into the other door which leads to the private chambers of the Sultan but it’s locked. She searches for the key. She is called by Afife who caught her in the room without permission for being there and shows her the key that she has been searching for.
Firuze went into the room. Suleiman is amazed about her origin and beauty and kisses her passionately.
Hurrem is sitting alone crying.
Mustapha sees Helena ans thanks her for coming, but she throws it off by not coming for him but to help out the girls with washing. He offers her to go together there but she refuses not to go with a strange person.
He asks strange, she tells him that she doesn’t even know his name. He tells her to come with him and she will know she agrees and he lifts her up behind him on the horse and ride forth. They halt for rest and she tells him that she doesn’t know anything of him nor where he came from and he answers that he is in the same position towards her. He tells her his name is Ibrahim and he lives with his family on a small farm. Helena this is nice, she tells him her family had once a farm,too but due to their debts they lost the farm. Now they live in a small house but it’s nice too and they weave looms for carpets she does it as well with the other girls. Helena’s mother argues with Abas Beik that he doesn’t pay well and always late. He tells her that if she finds anyone else to pay a higher price she should sell. She says how can anyone else buy if he is threatened by your kind. He tells her that her daughter is similar in her behaviour just like her mother.
Helena tells Mustapha that they are selling good carpets but are forced to sell it under the market value because the tradesman is threatening them. He tells her why they don’t go to the judge. And she tells him that everybody has united themselves against them so how can they make a complaint. He tells her that Crownprince Mustapha will solve all the problems. She says she doesn’t think that the Emir Mustapha will not go into the town like all the other people and just solve their problems. He tells her how does she know maybe he is a person who is doing justice. She just says that is an ugly man without manners. He tells her if he hears her he would kill her. She says she doesn’t care, if he would stand in front of her ( what he actually is but she doesn’t know until now) she would tell him the same. He tells her that everybody else loves him. Helena says that even the girls from the village wait for their turn to get entrance to the palace. He asks her doesn’t she want it. She says she rather dies then appears in the castle because of the demand of someone else.
Mustapha tells her that is good since he won’t be needing to fight the Sultan cause of her. She tells him that she is late and needs to go home they go together. He asks her when will he be able to see her again. She says she doesn’t know. He tells her he will be waiting at their place next week. Helena sees the carriage of A as and tells Mustapha to leave at once. But he stands still. The carriage halts and A as approaches them. He asks Helena what she is doing and if the guy next to her is her lover. Angry she tells him that it is none of his business. He grabs her telling her we will talk later about it but she pushes him off. He wants to grab her again but is stopped by Mustapha. Mustapha tells him if he touches her again he will kill him. Abas joking to his man, that he doesn’t believe what he is saying. And they fight all against him. But Mustapha beats them down, he is holding a knife against the neck of Abas but doesn’t kill him after Helena asks of his release. Mustapha wanted to make sure of her well being but she says he has made her fall into a dilemma.
Sultan Suleiman appoints officiall Khedr as a Captain of the sea and urges him to begin with his duty.
He tells Khedr to prepare for his journey to Tunisia. Khedr says 90 ships will be enough but it shall have all the equipment. Suleiman asks how Ibrahim has welcomed him and he says he welcomed him good and forwards him his greetings and respect to the Sultan. Ali Pasha is asked how much time it takes to reach a point. He says 10 days but to take also the weapons and heavy guns will take a longer time. Mustapha Pasha says it will be a great harm to the army to cross this way. Iskandar Shalabi tells Ibrahim to make a plan for the army to go to Baghdad because the way to Tabriz is full of dangers. Ibrahim says we will reach there on the way of the sea, but Iskandar Shalabi interrupts him that there isn’t enough time for this approach. Ibrahim tells Mustapha Pasha to send for Alaa El-Din the engineer to make three boats within seven days. Without letting anyone comment he sends them out. Suleiman asks Khedr if he knows anything of the opinions of Ibrahim like as to install a Ottoman government in non Arab lands. He says he knows, also it needs a strong hand to open it up. He says it’s in the Sultans possibility to give rise to a government there and choose the right person to govern it, this will guarantee that the region will be in his empire. Suleiman asks Khedr if Ibrahim told him about the person who will govern this place. Khedr says that Ibrahim didn’t say anything because it is upon the decision of the Sultan to choose the right person for this duty. Suleiman asks Khedr of his opinion of giving rise to a government under Ottoman Empire in non Arab lands. Khedr says from the situation, Ibrahim knows what he is doing. It is a smart move but in the same time it’s full of dangers because when putting in charge someone else it might lead to problems. Suleiman asks him what if he puts Ibrahim to fill the duty.
Hatice is happy. Hurrem has been defeated and didn’t leave her room for several days. But she is afraid of the silence and what will come. She asks Afife to protect Firuze well. Afife promises to protect Firuze from Hurrem. Gulsha asks one of the girls if she found out which of the girls slept with the Sultan. She knows something but is afraid to tell because the others might kill her. Gulsha says not to be afraid she will protect her. The girl says it’s is one of the servants of Sultana Mirimah. Fatima catches the two whispering together and sends off the other girl while with the help of Kiraz Agha to catch her off before she runs to Hurrem.
Firuze offers Mirimah help to style her hair.
Fatima and Kiraz Agha brought Gulsha to Mahidevrans room who asks why Gulsha is there.
Fatima tells her she has seen Gulsha standing with one of the girls and it’s obvious that she learned who it was that spent the night with Suleiman. Mahidevran says to Gulsha two solutions either we kill you or cut off your tongue. She orders Fatima to see to it. Gulsha begs for her life. Hatice enters and learns of the story, she tells them to let Gulsha leave but if she dares to utter one word it will have a great price, that is punishment. Of course Gulsha goes straight to Hurrem and tells her what she knows.
Mirimah likes her new hair model. Firuze tells her she didn’t find any difficulty since Mirimahs hair is soft like silk. Mirimah tells her that she will be her hair stylist from this day on. Sunbul Agha and Gulsha take one of the girls into the washing room. Gulsha asks what will happen. Sunbul says it is up to Sultana Hurrem to decide. The girl is crying to her misfortune that has befallen her. Hurrem has come she asks Gulsha if she is sure about this girl. She says yes as one of the girls said her name. Hurrem asks Gulsha to reveal the face so she can see who it is. It’s not shown yet who, Hurrem just says YOU!
Someone approaches Suleiman from behind, he is sitting on the balcony. He welcomes Firuze and tells her she is the soul to his heart. She is the flower in his garden. And she has stamped the heart of Suleiman with the word of joy. Ask for anything and it will be yours. They kiss. End.

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