Episode Summary Guide Hareem Al Sultan Season 3 Episode 67 (Muhtesem Yuzyil)

Muhtesem Yuzyil Season 3 Episode 67 or Episode 4.

Hareem Al Sultan Episode 67

Hurrem asks the girls name. It is Nadia. She is one of the girls that they found on their way to the old castle and have been brought to Topkapi. Hurrem tells Sunbul that she brought the snake herself to the palace, she is sure that the Sultan wanted to punish her and isn’t involved with any women. Gulsha asks what shall be done, Hurrem just looks at Nadia.
Firuze is with Suleiman on the balcony, telling each other poetry of life and love. Hurrem thinks but decides they should do the necessary, Sunbul advises to wait until the Sultan leaves for the battle. Hurrem wants it to be a lesson for the others and leaves.
Afife enters the room of Mirimah while she is asleep, she asks the guarding woman why she is alone and where the others are. She tells that Firuze has gone since a while ago and Nadia has been taken by other servants on the demand of Afife to see her. Afife surprised can only suspect the worst. She leaves the room with hurry ordering the girl not to leave Mirimah Sultana alone.
Gulsha asks Sunbul what shall be done, but he just says that she should know the answer herself. She wants to take the judgement in her own hands but Sunbul forbids it, he tells her just to stay guard in this place afterwards they will take her to the guards and they know what to do next.
Firuze is taking her dinner with Suleiman. It’s visible that Suleiman is totally infatuated with her by asking if she still thinks it was her destiny to be in that place after she saw him in her dreams. She tells him that many dangers lied ahead and she didn’t die as if her heart was showing her the way that lead to him. Suleiman wants to know all about what she has endured. Firuze smiles.
Hurrem takes Jihangir from Asmaa, Asmaa cannot calm the emir down, he is under great pain and cries.
Hurrem is angry and orders Asmaa to let a doctor come faster.
Firuze says that she went with her family to participate in a wedding in a far away place. And while they were on the sea a heavy storm came up and it caused the ship to sink. She held herself on one of the wooden planks and didn’t know what would happen to her. She saw that her family died and she prayed to Allah, so Captain Khedr came in response to her prayers and rescued her from the sea.
Suleiman assumes that she was one of the presented girls that came to the palace but she denies it. Firuze says she was not one of the chosen one to go to the palace. They took her to the slave market. There a tradesman bought her. On the road another man came and talked with the tradesman and he bought her, this man was called Sunbul Agha. This is how she came to the palace, so what else could this be called if not destiny.
Sunbul is carrying the unconscious Nadia with Gulsha in tow. They are in a dead end. At one side they see Kiraz Agha talking with someone, not noticing Sunbul and Gulsha, on the other way they see Afife advancing. Sunbul sees no other solution than to call them to help and warns Gulsha of saying a word. Kiraz Agha who heard Sunbul shouting runs towards him and asks what has happened. Afife reached them as well and wants to know what they did to the girl. Of course Sunbul pretends his innocence that he found her that way and was taking her to the nursing home. Afife is glad that Nadia is still alive, the girl opens her eyes but is still afraid. Upon Afife questioning her who is responsdible for that, Nadia doesn’t answer, though her eyes are directed towards Sunbul.
Jihangir has calmed down after the tincture and Asmaa takes him to sleep. Gulsha informs Hurrem that they failed to take Nadia out of the palace cause Afife intercepted all their moves and placed many guards around the courtyard. Hurrem is angry and sends Gulsha out, she doesn’t wish to see her.
Afife reports to Khadija that they have rescued the poor girl in the last minute else she would have been dead.
Mahidevran says it was them who send the girl to Hurrem, Afife full of fear asking if they are responsible of sending this girl to her death sentence. Mahidevran says it’s true, they will sacrifice anyone just to protect Firuze. Afife not believing what she hears says that Nadia like Firuze are in the court of the Sultan and that she is the one responsible for their protection.
Khadija smiles back at A fife saying that the girl is still alive. Afife is worried and excuses herself that she doesn’t want to be a part in this game. Khadija says no one died. It is enough that Hurrem learned to know that Nadia has spent a night with the Sultan, and everyone will know that she is the one. Moreover there is no need that it is made public that it was actually Firuze who spent the night with the Sultan, that should be unknown. Until the Sultan comes back from battle this shall be the only truth to protect Firuze from Hurrems wrath. Mahidevran congratulates Khadija to her splendid idea, she knows Hurrem well and believes that she will take the first opportunity to harm that poor girl after the Sultan leaves to war. Khadija says that we need to take all necessary precautions just so that Firuze will stay alive until the Sultan returns.
Suleiman wakes up on the sound of the harp, it is Firuze who plays. She apologizes for breaking his sleep but he replies that he would want to wake up everyday in this way. That would be also her wish as well. To sleep at his shoulder in the moonlight and wake up with the first sun rays. Suleiman asks her how she learned to play this way, she tells him that her mother taught her. Suleiman says to her that her mother is then a very well educated woman that she taught Firuze poetry and music playing that way. Firuze says No. She tells that her father was working on a farm and her mother in a church and had learned to play music from the preacher there. Her mother played continuously in their home, this is how she learned to play. Poetry reading is for Firuze just the way to look upon love.
Khadija comes to Hurrem cause of Jihangir, she heard that he got ill. Hurrem informs her that he didn’t sleep all night long and only in the morning did the pain reduce. Khadija calls him my darling and wants to go to him but Hurrem asks her to please come another time so not disturb his sleep now. Additionally mocking her of her new job which is protecting the slave girl. Khadija tells her “So you know of the girl.” Hurrem says there is nothing staying hidden from her in this palace. Khadija threatens Hurrem to keep away from the girl, anything that happens to her she will be accounted for it. Hurrem assures that it won’t be her to take revenge on a girl like her. Khadija smiling back to Hurrem says that it is a sad situation that the Sultan leaves her for a girl like this one. Hurrem knowing where this might go, says if she implies that the girl is better than Nigar Kafa. Hurrem remains by her belief that the Sultan did this to punish her. “Is this how you soothe your mind towards it” Khadija asks. Khadija says to Hurrem, not to forget about the blue handkerchief the girl received. Hurrem passing it off by saying it’s just a handkerchief there is no meaning attached to it. Khadija coming closer to Hurrem and says “believe me that this day will come soon.” Khadija leaves the room.
The Sultan is talking to Afife he has arranged that she has everything needed, because she is and will be responsible for the organization in the harem especially in the time where he will be on the battlefield. She assures him not to be worried and tells him that Jihangir got ill again last night. Scene changes, Mirimah looks in the mirror. Upon Firuze arriving she asks her if she looks beautiful. Firuze answers she looks beautiful all the time. Firuze asks to make a few changes to the outfit, Mirimah asking her where she was yesterday when she asked for her. Firuze tells her she went to bath but as she returned she found Sultana Mirimah asleep and went back to her place. Mirimah says her place will be next to her and she will be sleeping in the adjacent room from this day on. Firuze finished with the rearrangement of the dress, Mirimah likes her new look. Mirimah asks Firuze to accompany her to visit her mother.
Mustapha is visiting Helena at her place, he overhears their conversation about him. Rita thinks he is in love with Helena and wants to know if her friend feels the same. Helena is unsure about her feelings as she wasn’t in love before, but says “can it be called love when i feel my heart stops beating upon seeing him and i try to catch breath”. Mustapha appearing from his hiding spot asking her if she has any doubts. Surprised Helena rises from her weaving tool, asking what he is doing here. Of course Mustapha came to see her. Rita volunteeres to stay guard while they communicate with each other. Helena asks him since when he was listening, honestly he tells her that he heard all her words. Shyly she turns and says it wasn’t for him she meant someone else. He wants to know who is the lucky one, to wish to be in his place adding jokingly maybe the tradesman, but Helena turns it down. Due to the tradesman her father forbid her to leave the house since the last incidence when Mustapha broke his arm and the guy came and told everything to her father. Mustapha tells her goodbye he has been called to war and will be absent. She is upset turning away from him, he turns to her and kisses her goodbye telling her to wait for him, he will be returning to her.
On the way to the room, Mirimah arrives with Firuze at the harem, servants are carrying gift boxes to the room of the favorites. Mirimah calls for Kiraz Agha and asks him what’s happening. He tells her that the Sultan has ordered to bring gifts to Nadia as she is the favorite to the Sultan meanwhile looking at Firuze by saying this. Mirimah is upset since the girl has been in her service, she knows that her mother will be upset of this circumstance. Firuze has a moment alone with Kiraz Agha she asks but he interrupts her and says that it was the only way to protect her.
Suleiman asks Hurrem why she didn’t inform him, she tells him that he seemed to be busy these days and didn’t wanted to disturb. Suleiman looking grimly at her, so her attitude becomes softer. She informs him that the doctors have carried out their investigation by couldn’t find anything so they just gave him the medicine. At that moment Mirimah arrives in tow with Firuze, he is surprised. He wants to know everything that happens with Jihangir. He leaves and asks Afife to follow him. Outside he asks her what Firuze is doing next to Mirimah. Afife tells him, that Firuze was in the service to Mirimah before and though her position was cancelled, Mirimah found to like her very much and they have been found to spend time together. Suleiman says it will be OK then.
Asmaa is bringing Jihangir to Hurrem, he begins to cry again. Mirimah is worried that he will be suffering, Hurrem says we need to pray so his nightmare of pain will end. Firuze asks straightforward what’s wrong. She excuses herself, that she wanted to help though. Hurrem asks how she wants to do it. Mirimah says that she was having headache and Firuze with her touch and prayers have let the pain reduce. Hurrem says ” Is that so?” Firuze asks her to give Jihangir to her. Hurrem gives her the boy. She tells her that she had a difficult delivery and to make everything in her power to make him feel better. Firuze says that the emir is not ill but he is carrying a heavy burden, after reciting few verses and massaging his back the emir is calm. Hurrem is intrigued on how Firuze calmed him down, and enquires how she did it. Firuze says that she only prayed and the remaining is on Allah. Hurrem says that Firuze is one of the chosen who are loved by Allah to have such a gift and asks her to use her knowledge for the well-being of the emir. Firuze says that there is an ointment to make the emir rest calmly and asks to prepare it on her own. Hurrem agrees and orders Asmaa to call for the chief doctor to lend Firuze a hand and learn the recipe of the ointment as well.
Eyas Pasha informs Suleiman about the latest news about Ibrahim as he changed his course. He will head from Aleppo to Tabriz then directly to the battlefield. Suleiman becomes angry at this, since his orders stated clearly to march for Baghdad and not Tabriz. Eyes Pasha says that it was a chance not to be missed since the Persian army left Tabriz for Baghdad as a messenger has informed them. Now Ibrahim and the army are on their way to Tabriz.
Suleiman asks when Mustapha will be coming. Eyas Pasha says that he will arrive after two days. Suleiman asks Eyas Pasha to deliver a message to Ibrahim:” Tabriz will be a part of the Ottoman Empire and he won’t accept any failure.”
Shah Vantali of the neighboring Persian areas present to Ibrahim the keys as a sign of defeat and becoming a part of the Ottoman empire. In the name of the great ruler of the world Sultan Suleiman, Ibrahim accepts the present.
In the palace of Merend Mirza asks his brother Shah Tahmasp why he brought him. He answers that he wants his brother to be near him. Shah Tahmasp tells his brother that Ibrahim is heading with 7000 soldiers towards Tabriz. The time has come to take revenge on our enemies, to take revenge for our father and let Sultan Suleiman drown in his own blood. Mirza says to his brother “you have fallen from anew into a dreaming world. The one you are talking about is Suleiman the great Sultan of the (Arab) world. And the truth that you want to forget will be your death.”
Tahmasp says that there is only one great Sultan and he points to himself.
Bad news reaches Tahmasp, Vander has fallen to the control of Ibrahim and he is now building warships. After few days they will reach Tabriz. Tahmasp says that Tabriz is where his heart lies and he won’t allow it that it falls to the control to the Ottomans.
Mustapha Pasha informs Ibrahim that the soldiers are in bad shape and if they continue on like this it will have disastrous consequences. Ibrahim replies to bring him any soldier who feels that way so he punishes them by his own. Iskandar Shalabi jumps in and says it won’t be an advisable action and it will lead to a much worse condition. Ibrahim says to Iskandar Shalabi not to speak to him unless he has been requested to do so. Ibrahim asks everyone to leave except Nasoukh Effendi. He asks him about the work on the ships and Nasoukh says that Sinan Pasha the engineer will deliver them at the given time frame. Furthermore he informs Ibrahim that the army hasn’t left Tabriz as it was stated before, it was all a lie. The one who delivered them the message just signed the paper with his name and no one knows about a Mahmoud Efendi. Ibrahim becomes angry he turns and his eyes are locked towards Iskandar Shalabi. He says that Tabriz must be conquered at any cost and Iskandar Shalabi dug with his hands his own grave for going to war. Mustapha arrived at the palace grounds and greets his mother and aunt. Disoriented about hearing Ibrahim name Sultana Khadija leaves nervously. Mahidevran calms Mustapha down that it’s the absence that made Sultana Khadija sad, and he shouldn’t be concerning himself about it. Sultan Suleiman awaits his arrival so he should hurry on and greet him.
Rustem Agha called Hurrem to meet him in the garden as he has important news. He says that he wanted to give her a present before he leaves to war and he is confident that she will be pleased. Hurrem gets curious about the present and asks what it is. Rustem Agha signals a servant to bring the present forward as he wants Hurrem to see her with her own eyes.
Mustapha greets Suleiman and tells him that he is honored to fill as a representative to the throne. Suleiman knows that Mustapha wanted to accompany him, he says that the war will take long and he doesn’t want to leave the throne unprotected and weak and knows he has chosen wisely for Mustapha will fullfill all his duties that are to be undertaken. Mohammed missed Mustapha greatly so he came to greet his brother warmly, Suleiman smiles.
Hurrem wants to know if her horse arrived. Rustem Agha says that only the best horses have been chosen for her but the present is not a horse.
Hurrem sees a woman approaching her face is behind a veil. “Who is she ?” She asks, Rustem Agha uncovers the face and Hurrem recognizes her as Nigar Kafa. She thought her dead. Rustem says wouldn’t they have come in time she would have been. Rustem said he was trying to rescue her. Hurrem is very pleased about his deed. Hurrem advances towards Nigar and tells her she is alive. Rustem says that Nigar hasn’t been talking for three days due to the traumatic event. Hurrem says thanks be upon Allah that she is still alive. She asks him to take good care of Nigar Kafa until she regained her full health and await further orders.
Hurrem greets Mustapha and wishes him well upon his arrival she prepared for him a room since he will stay long but he says there is no need he will reside in the room of Sultan Suleiman. Hurrem must accept this change. Firuze is applying the ointment with Gulsha on the back of Jihangir. Hurrem is very glad that her son feels better and rewards Firuze upon whatever she will ask from her. Firuze wants to be excused to go in the gardens and she is granted the wish whenever she pleases after letting Gulsha know. Firuze takes Jihangir to put him to sleep. But overhears Gulsha and Hurrem talking behind the door. Their plan is to get rid of Nadia as soon as possible and to put it as a warning for anyone else.
Hurrem in tow with her children visit Suleiman to wish him well. Mirimah will miss her father very much in this long time that he will be absent and asks what if he doesn’t go. Mohammed says that’s impossible he has to leave to beat the enemy. Bayezid and Selim want to go as well.
All kids are surrounding their father.
Firuze has gone to Afife and tells her that Hurrem and Gulsha want to get rid of Nadia, though she is innocent. Afife is aware of the danger and promises Firuze to protect her well.
Mustapha thinks about the words of Hurrem but Mahidevran puts it off, she explains that Mustapha gained a much more important role, one that hasn’t been appointed to anyone before as a representative in place of the Sultan. She is sure Hurrem is upset about that. Mustapha asks his mother to keep away from her. He leaves, Fatima follows him and wants to spend the night with him but he tells her away, not this night. Out of the corner Gulfidan comes and says that the emir is very tired it was a long way afterall. Fatima wants Gulfidan to forbid any girls for entering the private chambers of Mustapha. Gulfidan says that’s impossible, she has strict orders from Sultana Mahidevran but Fatima can be assured she won’t send a girl twice to the private chamber and with that leaves Fatima standing.
Suleiman goes to Hurrem on the balcony and says:” Thanks to Allah that Jihangir is smiling again.” Hurrem says that there is one of the slave girls who achieved to reduce his pain and is taking care of him. “Tomorrow you will leave and we get separated again though already we live a separated life. I will not see you for many month, I will not hear your voice there is no meaning in life without you, that is what I came to say.”
We see Firuze caressing the head of Mirimah but the scene changes back to Hurrem.
Hurrem wants to know the truth, if Suleiman has any feelings for the woman. He says no. She is happy about his answer, knew that no one would be able to stay between them.
Ibrahim is informed that the warships are ready, he orders Nasoukh to go with a troop there.
Nasoukh speaks highly of Sinan the architect, wouldn’t it be for him, the ships wouldn’t have been ready even after a month. Ibrahim wants to meet and reward him on his deed.
At the Persian tent Mirza tells his brother that they won’t be able to protect Tabriz and they won’t have a chance to stand up to them. Tahmasp asks if he means to leave Tabriz in their hands. Mirza says he doesn’t want this either, but at one time the army of the Ottoman will have to leave, then Tabriz will belong back to them. Above all our father never came to to the point of facing the Ottoman army, and the war was for them. Tahmasp doesn’t want to bulge off and declare his defeat, once Suleiman comes he will see the head of Ibrahim on the battlefield.
The Ottoman army talk about their feelings of leaving to war without the Sultan and how it’s possible that Ibrahim shall face it all, while the Sultan is absent. All the while Ibrahim hears their conversation. He advances to them and tells them: ” We won’t leave this place until Tabriz is in our hands, at no measure is it to be allowed that we are called defeated. If someone wants to retreat it is as if retreating from one’s religion. If you fight by my side in Tabriz under the Ottoman empire you will be rewarded by the Ottoman empire. With your efforts and Allah’s blessing we will break the Persian empire of Shah Tahmasp.” All are holding up their swords in unison.
Sultana Khadija asks Hurrem why she is sad, is it maybe because she will stay alone. Hurrem replies if that is a threat. Khadija says it’s just a warning, she should take care so no harm will come upon her. Hurrem says she won’t end like Nigar Kafa. Sultan Suleiman says goodbye to his family. Firuze wanted to wish him farewell but Kiraz Agha says it’s impossible. Afterwards Suleiman meets with Afife and asks her to take good care of the order in the harem it lies under her control. He asks her to bring Firuze, cause he wishes to see her.
Sultana Khadija repeats her words of warning again to Hurrem as she doesn’t seem to listen, Mahidevran and Gulfam are besides her. Khadija says that Nadia is under her protection, and she won’t allow any ill treatments coming from Hurrem or she will be standing up to her.
Hurrem says that she is indeed standing right now in front of her and yesterday she was with the Sultan where he told her that he doesn’t have any feelings for the girl.
Mahidevran says that there are many things that Hurrem doesn’t know. Khadija stops her from continuing on. Khadija says if Hurrem is so sure than she can just leave the girl be.
So Hurrem tells her but the act towards Nigar Kafa wasn’t forgiving. Khadija says she has paid her price to the fullest. But Hurrem says it wasn’t her alone who was untrustworthy and adds about the guilt of the baby in between. Khadija says the baby was born dead. So Hurrem goes on and says that she will have to explain it to Ibrahim that she killed his son and beloved with her own hands with that she leaves the room.
Suleiman came to the favorites room but only finds Nadia sitting there, Afife hurriedly coming she was cleaning the place. Firuze enters the room and they are left alone. He wanted to tell her goodbye and she wishes him a safe return and her heart is with him. She gives him a small gift of their love to protect him from any harm.
Hurrem sees Suleiman exiting the corridor of the harem wing and catches a look of the opposite site where Afife stands with Nadia. She is taken aback and has tears in her eyes.
Mustapha talks with Rustem Agha that he has been appointed the new principal for the horses which he finds curious since the previous one was a very good rider and he cannot belief that it was an accident as people say that let to his fall from the horse. Rustem says that he was becoming older and his strength less. Suleiman arrives and wishes them goodbye.
Mustapha Pasha brings good news to Ibrahim saying that Tabriz became a part of the Ottoman empire. Ibrahim lets the following order to be written down. As the order of Sultan Ibrahim Captain of the army, the writer is perplexed by this but continues on.
Anyone who doesn’t follow the orders or make mistakes will undergo harsh penalty.
Iskandar Shalabi hears the soldiers reading out the written message from Ibrahim but won’t accept his self appointment to Sultan even though it is written. Ibrahim is no Sultan he shouts to them he is a Pasha, and if he hears else he will kill one by one. There is only one Sultan they follow orders from, and that is Sultan Suleiman. Islander Shalabi goes to Ibrahims tent to get behind the story of it. He explains that he won’t accept this appointed position to him, as Tabriz belongs to Sultan Suleiman. Ibrahim says that he has all the rights to do as he want to protect the Ottoman empire. Though Iskandar Shalabi implies to him that he wants to sit on the throne instead.
Sultan Suleiman has arrived to Konya prayed in the mosque and attended a party for him reciting a poem.
Yachia Tashli tells Ibrahim that there might be a problem with the name sultan Ibrahim captain of the army as everyone is talking about it. Ibrahim says to let them talk as much as they please afterwards they quiet down.
Mustapha Pasha and Ali Beik break in to tell about important changes. Tahmasp is preparing to take back Tabriz and is on the march with 5000 soldiers that causes a danger to the Ottoman empire which there is a need to get rid of. Ibrahim asks Ali Beik to stand up strong and wants good news delivered.
Back to Konya Suleiman continues with the poem.
Sunbul comes to the kitchen and asks if there is a party going on while he didn’t receive a word.
He asks the Shukr if there is an heir on the way. But Shukr says no. Shukr the chef cook gets distracted and Sunbul puts something into a soup without anyone noticing. Then he leaves.
Mustapha is in Suleimans room. Fatma visits him and tells him about her sorrow that she thought he didn’t wanted to see her anymore. He tells her not to worry that he is now there by her side. She is glad and tells him that she missed him. Hurrem goes to the hamam (bath) and meets Mahidevran there, would she have known to meet her, she wouldn’t have come. Mahidevran says now Hurrem will burn like she was burnt, but Hurrem replies eye to eye that no one can burn her cause she is the fire herself.
Firuze visits Nadia. Firuze calms Nadia down not to be afraid, she never ever wanted that anything happens to her and will tell all the truth tomorrow so no harm will be upon Nadia. Nadia is so glad that Firuze is a selfless person to do this for her. Kiraz Agha enters the room and is angry that Firuze is in the room because she isn’t allowed to enter. He leaves for them Baklava and leaves. He brings Baklava to Afife as well since she loves them. She asks him to keep a good eye on Firuze.
Sultana Khadija is in Ibrahim office and it is as if he is speaking to her saying:” You will find in every castle one hidden treasure and in every heart a hidden secret. My beloved Sultana let pour love drown us,let our concern become one instead of seperated two. My eyes are blind and my ears are deaf, is it not the rain who opens up the heart of lovers,say what’s inside you and don’t be afraid, my beloved sultana how do I love the earth and I love you. We will return together to the world as the strong winds and storm and to our love. I want to melt in our love so that our concerns become one and not two.”
Everyone is asleep even the guards while Gulsha and Sunbul have come to Nadia to do the necessary to be rid of her.
The next day one of the girl awakes she goes out and sees Nadia hanging on top from the ceiling. News are out, Firuze cannot believe what has happened, she blames herself though she wanted to tell the truth today. Afife advises her to leave this place. Firuze says a prayer to Nadia.
Mahidevran enters the private chamber of Mustapha while Fat a is there as well. She tells him that Hurrem has hanged Nadia and is guilty, her son tells her if she has any proof to her accusations. She says there won’t be anyone else than Hurrem doing that. Mustapha says that the accusations are just based on words. He tells her when he accused her of killing him, the Sultan didn’t believe, so why would this situation be any different.
Sultana Khadija heard of the incidence and came to Hurrem. All her warnings were without meaning as it seems since Hurrem did as she pleased. Hurrem argues it’s not her fault, the girl hanged herself. Khadija looks at Gulsha that she made all this happen behind the orders of Hurrem but she says no. Khadija orders Afife to send out news to the Sultan, there won’t be a need for a proof it’s enough that she was the lover of the Sultan. And though Nadia might be gone 1000 other will step in her place.
Ibrahim gives the word to Ali Beik and speak up to say that he was defeated. Ali Beik feels disturbed that he was forced to leave with the army and couldn’t stand in their way.
Ibrahim angry shouts how he dared to move the army on another path though he is the only one who knows the area very well. Ali Beik that he only followed orders, Ibrahim asks him which orders he is talking of. A message came from you to stay on our way so we remained. Ibrahim is speechless.
At Wadi Dassin a messenger sends word to Sultan Suleiman that Tabriz has been conquered. Upon the good news the messenger shall be rewarded. Suleiman will meet Ibrahim in Tabriz.
The messenger tells him that furthermore it’s his duty to inform him that Ibrahim has appointed himself Sultan after opening Tabriz to the Ottoman empire. Sultan Suleiman becomes outrageous about this accusation towards Ibrahim the principal minister even if the messenger says it’s the truth, he orders to behead him of this betrayal to the Ottoman empire.
Ibrahim cannot belief of any chance that Ali Beik has made such a poor mistake though he knows the area, it must be that he is in an agreement with prince Tahmasp. Ibrahim knows that all this is of the doing of Iskandar Shalabi so Ibrahim would appear small in the eyes of the Sultan but his punishment comes at a right time when he sees it fit.
Hurrem is informed that her guest has arrived. She won’t let the others wait any longer.
Khadija is distracted from the letter of Ibrahim where he tells her that he still loves her. Mahidevran and Gulfam are happy for her.
Hurrem comes and greets them but she will take her meal in the garden, she is followed by her servants and at last position by Nigar who turns to look at Khadija.
Khadija recognizes her instantly standing up and shouting after her name. The End.

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