Absurdity of life under occupation is stranger than fiction

A review of the book
”Sharon and My Mother in-Law: Ramallah Diaries by Suad Amiry
Suad Amiry Diary and emails 1981-2004
It’s an art to write amidst conflict zones in a very humorous way making fun of all situations that might be funny to the reader as the absurdity of the picture comes into the mind but it is of course not funny especially for those who have lived throughout these days in constant agony of the situation that is yet ignored by many westernised countries who suppose that such matters will be cleared on their own without any intervention. I hope this book so humorously written as it could be, has reached many readers thinking more thoroughly on the Israel /Palestinian crisis that is hanging on since many years without any solution in regard to any side, this novel  should be taken as once hilarious on one side but also informative and truthful events in the eye of the beholder on the other.
It was light and well written, to be read again instead of hidden behind inside the far corner of the library stacked behind, portraying the absurdity of what life itself can be, under occupation which is without doubt stranger than fiction.

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