Review: Sacrifice by Jessica Fortunato


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Sin collector Trilogy: Book 2 Sacrifice by Jessica Fortunato

Finally the christmas holidays gave me some extra time to read and review novels again. I was looking forward to reading the sequel to Sin Collector by Jessica Fortunato three months ago, stored but not forgotten in my Aldiko reader shelf, but was always off due to other businesses. One great way to end this year is with a book review to this story.

The best moments in reading are, when you come across something.. a thought, a feeling, a way of looking at things..that you’d thought special – particular to you. And here it is, set down by someone else, a person you’ve never met. And it’s as if a hand has come out and taken yours to a world of magic. – the history boys

As book 1, I was evenly mesmerized by the second book where you get to know more about other sin collector friends of Olexander former mentor and now in a deep relationship with Liliana. A common enemy the castus and one woman Ariadne who always seems to be one step ahead of all others. Lilianas now growing family, her mortality phase, new telekinetic powers, secrets about a family history, marriage party and an unforeseeable prophecy to come true, would this mean the end of the world as we know of?? Such questions might revolve within your mind, while the story unfolds its mystery and packed action in front of you during Lilianas fight for her beloved family that is worth fighting for. In my point of view this was a five star book written by a five star novelist. I am eager for the third book and patiently await its arrival.



Review: Place of Peace by Debra Diaz



Place of Peace by Debra Diaz

The storyline sounded interesting so while it was offered for free one time on Smashwords I grabbed myself a copy to read later on.
I didn’t like the beginning of the story very much, but there is some truth in one’s saying never to judge a workpiece beforehand by having read just a few pages.
The story evolved into a really nice romantic story that I enjoyed reading from half the book on.
It is based on an American novel held between at time of the post civil war in the south between Knoxville, Nashville and Memphis. Virginia Genny Romayne leaves her home-escaping from a marriage her father has chosen but she herself doesn’t want to go through.
In the note she left her parents writing she married another man and left with him. Arriving in Nashville she puts her status as a widow, so no one will ask any further questions. She gets employed as a secretary and nurse for the doctor in town, after a while both fall in love and marry. As in all relationships misunderstandings of crucial moments in life makes it painful for those who don’t speak about it in a common sense and just try to punish others and getting punished themselves for this, is no solution.
Got interested, I did. A little drama is always entertaining and it’s worth the reading just to see how the story turns.

Overall rating 3 /5.

Believe when you read Determinant by A.M.Hargrove


Determinant by A.M.Hargrove

When I was young I read fairy tales, then I read romance stories, I still like to read fairy tales, a child’s dream that cannot be harmed. In my world where everyone cares for himself and we live constantly in a state of war with others and ourselves, I want to believe there is something good and every step of the way has its reason and sense. When I read this story-I knew I am not alone in my thinking, I am not alone to believe in the good and happy forever after. I am not alone in being hopelessly romantic.

Back to the review:

This book is the third installment of the Vesturon Guardian Saga. I read the first and the second installment and was totally mesmerized by a series of events. This one follows the life of January St. Davis and her relationship later on with one of the Yarrister Clan members of Vesturon, Rykerian. The book is divided in several partitions so you might get a glance of thoughts from each January and Rykerian. It is well organized to the end and has some funny parts as well. Anyone who knows the other stories, will love this too – if not more. There is good and there is evil everywhere and the Guardians of Vesturon are the protectors of peace while others thrive to destroy it. Just to give a few hints to what you will miss: Breakout of a viral pandemic illness, Kidnapped out of space, extraterrestrial life forms, love story. In no ways we can see what lies ahead but it’s worth while to fight for life than surrender to death, no matter how long,hard or excruciating painful the way. Read on and YOU will believe it yourself.

Overall rating: 5 / 5.

Do you believe in ghosts? Evangeline’s Miracle by Lisa Buie-Collard


This is the story of Evangeline’s Miracle by Lisa Buie-Collard.

Whatever you might think about ghosts, this story is unlike any ghost story that you might have read so far,for sure it was the case for me. I found great pleasure reading this kind of a story. In some ways it reminded me on Zynga’s game Hidden Chronicles which I like to play sometimes.
Evangeline Lacroix is the main protagonist of the story. She is an author still unpublished with doubts on herself. She leads an estranged relationship to her mother, also her husband Christian is unhappy with the life they lead and leaves her behind. She is a lonely woman.
Evangeline will find herself to be tasked with a puzzle most unusual and must follow the given hints to solve a mysterious encounter where she herself doesn’t know the reason why she has been chosen for it. A ghost like appearance or spirit in form of a woman calls for her. Evangeline is drawn into the world of this ghost who is Miracle Sobieski by night, while she sleeps, and is surrounded with the life of a family in England in the past. Also it becomes clear that also Miracle is drawn to the future and dreams of an unknown world to her,the present life of Evangeline Lacroix.
The story is very much intertwined together between the past and the present that everything becomes clearer throughout the story line. While on this mysterious path of solving a puzzle she will find herself travelling between USA, England and France. There she will find all the answers that she was looking for her entire lifetime, she will know who she is and to whom she belongs and gets to know, that she is not alone in this world. With a new found strength she will be able to fight back for the love of her life and save more than one life.

While reading this kind of a story i felt to be involved with the emotions of the protagonist. I shared the despair as well as the joy, the sadness and happiness. And like a puzzle which entertainment you can enjoy on several occasions so is this story to be read again after a while and unlock its hidden mystery.

Overall rating: 4/5.

Indie Read A Thon: My reading goals

This is about an international ebook giveaway which is hosted by Claire Louise and Tess M. Watson .

For me it is the beginning of the second day of the reading marathon. I like the idea very much to participate in any way possible. Winning is not a compulsory for me, I want to have some fun, that’s all. No better way to share the love for reading with same minded people who love it, too.

Since I began reading e-books from independent authors I feel I don’t miss out on the bestsellers of regular book markets at all. Some books I read so far have the potential of becoming a bestseller in their genre. And am proud and happy to count myself as an eager reader and reviewer, when I am not busy otherwise.

My choice for reading on this special occasion of the Indie Read a Thron are:

Lisa Buie-Collard Evangeline’s Miracle


Evangeline's Miracle


Determinant 3 rd Book Vesturon Saga

A.M. Hargrove Determinant

Review : The Weeping Empress by Sadie Forsythe


Being a Fan of Japanese fighting movies and recently also into action video games like call of duty made it for me easy to follow the action filled novel. I am rather got used to this form and I might as well see that this novel will make an excellent playstation or xbox game which I would want to play rather than read. This way it is more graphical. I imagine to play in the novels heroine character Chiyo who is taken by a supernatural force out of her modern natural environment and placed into another world, that has no particular background information until you read several chapters and even then I wasn’t fully satisfied. Though the idea to implement the idea of Chiyo the heroine and empress to be of the vast land of Dashkalil. But for a game it might be alright. The description of the fighting scenes is immense, I didn’t had any knowledge of samurai fighting at all, here you will get a glimpse of what it is like with some of its rules. This might as well be integrated very well into the game with different levels of expertise and ascension in degree and levels.
But this novel is not for everyone, even those that are into adventure fantasy with supernatural context. Accordingly for myself, one time reading is enough.

I like the fantasy stories more descriptive making the background information detailed, but am glad that I tried out something totally unfamiliar to my reading style.

As I said earlier I find this novel to be an excellent adventure action game in progress, that I would want to play eagerly but don’t need to read.

Overall rating 2.5 / 5.

Review: Reflection by Jessica Roberts


The first thought that comes to my mind is “LOVE is in the air by John Paul Young“. While writing these lines I am humming to the song. You might too, once you read this romantic story that revolves around Heather totally in love with Nick.

Most important characters that you meet along the way:
HEATHER: central person in the story. In her college days she gets injured in a car accident so badly that she remains in a coma state for a long time.
CREED: her childhood friend, whom she considers family. I think he is hopelessly in love with Heather.
NICK: the love interest of Heather.
Dr. WESTBROOK:he is in charge of Heather’s clinical condition, meets her daily to check on the memories of her dreams and analyze fact from fantasy. Finds that she is able to communicate normal with minor memory deficiencies or what Heather believes to have happened for real.

The book is hold in 3 parts, though the book does only mention 2. Before and After concerning both the accident that was the cause to Heathers long term coma. The after part deals with the present 2 1/2 years later. Once Heather wakes up in the hospital. For my better understanding I thought the talking sessions about her dreams with Dr. Westbrook to be the third part, which are divided into chapters that mark the beginning of Heather’s dreams of her first day in college, the romance between her and Nick to the end just before the accident. Jessica Roberts has a way of letting the reader feel the emotions described in the dream part, every detail of romantic moments is covered and it is easy to go on and get into the mood for love.
It is amazing to what our brain does once we are unaware of its activity. Memory association, observation and reasoning skills all to create a dream world that seems so real, that I want to believe.

I didn’t like that nothing is to be known yet about the cause of the accident, might as well wait and see if it will be revealed in the sequel to Reflection.
To the end of the story Roberts gives us a glimpse to the sequel of this book by mentioning Dr. Westbrook saying:
” Sometimes after waking from a coma, the mind can continue to play tricks on you in the form of hallucinations; they’re referred to as ‘reactions’

We can only hope for the best that this love story finds its way back, so the dream can become reality.

Overall rating 3 / 5.