Mastering language and cooking

The art of cooking needs patience and determination. So does learning a new language. In the beginning you just know some words, compared to moving around with kitchen tools wisely. Then you will know how to formulate sentences as well as how to use those tools on food. Afterwards you get the big picture of a story and understand its meaning, as well as finishing your first dish. With more experience in the language you might be able to create new stories for everybody to read as well as come up with new savory dishes of your own imagination.

This is where I am, a beginner to the Arabic language and an amateur cook, not very fluent in the written Arabic word and with not much reading experience as well with not much kitchen techniques . So as a good starting point for me is to read a cookbook written in Arabic about 1000 sample dishes, try the dishes out, print them both in Arabic and English and in the long run to be able to reach the goal of typing Arabic as fast as I do type in English and be able to read fluently as well as expand my language know-how and my cooking expertise.

Let’s start cooking…