An abrupt end to Gold film series production Benim Hala Umudum Var – I still have hope

Recent news of an abrupt end to the Turkish TV romance drama Benim Hala Umudum Var also known as I still have hope lead me to write an article. As the Gold film production has announced the series will have its end at episode 33 and will not be continued thereafter due to a high decrease in TV viewership, other reasons may took a part as well for this final decision.

It would interest me why the production company has come to this decision. There are some reasons that come to my mind. One of them to mention is that the Turkish broadcasting channels have changed. The first launch was in July 2013 and the Turkish channel Star TV was broadcasting it, a few weeks later also the Saudi channel MBC for the middle east took the broadcasting rights and aired the series dubbed in Arabic. In its beginning the series was a huge success and was one of the top 10 series rated in the end of November 2013.

The child in me still likes the idea of fairy tales and happy endings, even though happiness has its curves and obstacles along the way, that are not always joyful, but it is on oneself to make the best out of each situation i guess but aside from my drifting away, who would actually not like to watch one remake of a Cinderella  story with a Turkish twist of romance and drama. I loved the series from the beginning, so much that I even turned on the live channel to watch each weeks episode with Arabic subtitle.

This years Christmas holidays brought a drastic change, the Turkish broadcasting channel Star TV canceled the show and FOX TV took over the airing with episode 26. The channel has changed but not the timing, at the beginning. Since not all Turkish households have access to Fox TV viewership decreased, afterwards the date of airing as well as the airing time changed, what was once on Monday on 22:30 was changed to Thursdays on 20;30. Viewership also decreased in the Arab world due to conflicting series showing at the same time, at this point it was a decrease due to favoritism towards another show airing I would assume that this was also the case for Turkish viewers.

Another reason might be that the story of the manuscript did not suit with some of the actors so they left the show in a rather shocking and sad way. It could also be that viewers were opposing the story of a triangle love story and put pressure or threats on the production company to change its story script.

Another plausible reason is that continuation of the series is not bringing any profit to the production company, taking all these reasons into consideration may account to the case of discontinuing the series long before its true finale end. At this point the claim that the series will have a second season does not have any point anymore.

With all this in mind I would wish that the series wouldn’t end just yet at episode 33, and still have a hope that even if there is no change towards the final  decision of the Gold film production company towards writing new episodes and prolonging the series, I hope that the series will have an ending that is emotionally powerful in whatever way it may be!

For more information about the series Benim Hala Umudum Var – I still have hope look at the video trailer or see the description for more.

Turkish Star TV: Benim Hala Umudum Var - I still have hope