My pictures of the European World premiere in Berlin: The Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug

Never say never…Do what comes in your mind and don’t think of any consequences…Just have fun!! This what I had yesterday.

I love movies …I loved the Trilogy of The Lord of the Rings and I was as evenly amazed by the movie of the Hobbit. Advertisements around the city made me aware that a premiere of the movie would take place but I didn’t give it much thought until Sunday night, when I lay awake scrolling through the events that might take my attention and will provide me with a reason to go out of my room to have some fun.

This was such an event. The European world premiere of The Hobbit: the desolation of smaug with red carpet coverage and lifestreaming worldwide at 6pm CET on Monday 9th December 2013 at the Potsdamerplatz, Sony Centre in Berlin.

I am not the kind of fan who would stand up queuing from the early morning, I am a fan of movies who would have liked to make a new experience and see the actors who made this movie one of a kind. I went there at 4:30 pm and arrived at 5pm 1 hour before the event started and just enough time to find myself a good spot.

I have thought there will be a lot more people present. As it seemed the rain cooled most of the mood off as well as being the 1st working day of the week in Germany where someone after an 8 h long shift would rather have a cozy warm house or a bed in mind than going to an event standing in the cold, in the back rows just trying to get a good look or shot of the actors and other participants.Yet for my opinion, it was full enough.

The cinema Imaxx was closed for other movies. The only movie that was shown in the night was The Hobbit.

I wished that the weather were better and it were not raining. I wished I had found myself a better spot instead of the third line that I was standing at, trying to get one good shot of the many that I took, one which is not totally blurry and you can actually see the person which I wanted to take a picture in the first place. I was proposing too many wishes for that night that didn’t come out as expected. The Important matter is that this winter I was glad I was there in such an event.This is the first of such events that I ever participated inside and it was an overall great experience.

Here are the (not so blurry) pictures I took at the event.