Review: Waiting to Forget by Sheila Kelly Welch


The story revolves around T.J. and his sister Angela once living with their single Mom and her changing boyfriends while other time in foster care. This was a ” then ” time, one they lived before being adopted. Everything is kept between T. J’s memories holding within his lifebook of then, almost now, and now. These days he and his sister are living with Marlene and Dan their new parents. A terrible accident involving Angela brings memories to T. J. back of a long time ago. Sitting at the hospital waiting room, while his sister is laying unconscious from a fall, he opens up his lifebook and emerges in his past and present stories of his life.

I became an indirect witness following his past and present, felt every emotion that was part of these kids life. At one point I laughed, then felt sadness and was near to cry but overall I was sharing the emotions that were going through both these kids minds and following their story to be told page by page, chapter by chapter. Sheila Kelly Welch makes the story to be felt real which marks her as great writer in my point of view.

It was a great story one that we can all learn from, to make this world a better one by helping those who are in greatest need of care.

Overall rating 5/5.