Review: Sacrifice by Jessica Fortunato


Book Review

Sin collector Trilogy: Book 2 Sacrifice by Jessica Fortunato

Finally the christmas holidays gave me some extra time to read and review novels again. I was looking forward to reading the sequel to Sin Collector by Jessica Fortunato three months ago, stored but not forgotten in my Aldiko reader shelf, but was always off due to other businesses. One great way to end this year is with a book review to this story.

The best moments in reading are, when you come across something.. a thought, a feeling, a way of looking at things..that you’d thought special – particular to you. And here it is, set down by someone else, a person you’ve never met. And it’s as if a hand has come out and taken yours to a world of magic. – the history boys

As book 1, I was evenly mesmerized by the second book where you get to know more about other sin collector friends of Olexander former mentor and now in a deep relationship with Liliana. A common enemy the castus and one woman Ariadne who always seems to be one step ahead of all others. Lilianas now growing family, her mortality phase, new telekinetic powers, secrets about a family history, marriage party and an unforeseeable prophecy to come true, would this mean the end of the world as we know of?? Such questions might revolve within your mind, while the story unfolds its mystery and packed action in front of you during Lilianas fight for her beloved family that is worth fighting for. In my point of view this was a five star book written by a five star novelist. I am eager for the third book and patiently await its arrival.



Believe when you read Determinant by A.M.Hargrove


Determinant by A.M.Hargrove

When I was young I read fairy tales, then I read romance stories, I still like to read fairy tales, a child’s dream that cannot be harmed. In my world where everyone cares for himself and we live constantly in a state of war with others and ourselves, I want to believe there is something good and every step of the way has its reason and sense. When I read this story-I knew I am not alone in my thinking, I am not alone to believe in the good and happy forever after. I am not alone in being hopelessly romantic.

Back to the review:

This book is the third installment of the Vesturon Guardian Saga. I read the first and the second installment and was totally mesmerized by a series of events. This one follows the life of January St. Davis and her relationship later on with one of the Yarrister Clan members of Vesturon, Rykerian. The book is divided in several partitions so you might get a glance of thoughts from each January and Rykerian. It is well organized to the end and has some funny parts as well. Anyone who knows the other stories, will love this too – if not more. There is good and there is evil everywhere and the Guardians of Vesturon are the protectors of peace while others thrive to destroy it. Just to give a few hints to what you will miss: Breakout of a viral pandemic illness, Kidnapped out of space, extraterrestrial life forms, love story. In no ways we can see what lies ahead but it’s worth while to fight for life than surrender to death, no matter how long,hard or excruciating painful the way. Read on and YOU will believe it yourself.

Overall rating: 5 / 5.

Review: Two Moons of Sera Vol 1 by Pavarti K. Tyler


Pavarti K. Tyler presents us with the first volume of a adventurous paranormal short story. Sera short for Serafay is a 16 year old girl, she is a genetic anomaly as she describes herself, a cross breed between erdlander ( = human character) and sualwets ( merpeople – aquatic creatures). Not very much does Sera know of the life of both these cultures, she and her mother a sualwet have been living isolated since she was born. But she knows that her mother has sacrificed alot to come this far, repelled by her own kind she cared for her daughter Sera very dearly and loved her beyond measure even though she was different. Still the lonely feeling in her heart didn’t leave her alone at times and she wished to share her time with someone else. It is very brave and courageous to stay in such a phase of life patient for so long which makes the character of hers so much more credible.
She meets Tor ( Torkek) and they become companions which I presume in later installments may lead to a more progressive stage in their relationship to each other. Another important member of the crew becomes Elgon ( sualwet language for monster). Elgon is a big wild hound Dog and even as it seems he wants to attack in this instance he won’t do it unless he feels danger or a threatening situation that might endanger his master Tor, both share a very deep bond. For long there has been war between erdlander and sualwets but only now sees Serafay the whole situation in front of her eyes while her mother has been wounded and left out to bleed to deaths in the ocean terrain. Sera and Tor try to flee but which dangers is upon ahead only time will tell…

It is an interesting story begin but as said before not much is known about both cultures erdlander and sualwets to really get a clear picture of what is the purpose of the war between them. Maybe in the next part it will be revealed. At some times it is slow paced while at others you can’t lift your eyes off the pages and read on with enthusiasm.

Overall rating 3 / 5.

Review: Resurrection-Book 2 The Guardians of Vesturon by A.M.Hargrove


The adventures of Maddie Pearce in this young adult paranormal romance story continues. The 2nd installment has topped all of my expectations. My wishes concerning more Maddie input became true. Never leaving the story too much out of my sight, I enjoyed every bit of reading. This book was divided into four parts but I felt that each of these parts were necessary to define different developmental and emotional stages that Maddie found herself growing into. We read how Maddie and Rayns live go through ups and downs of a relationship which displays some of the true challenges that the couple have to face sometimes in life and not all can be viewed behind rosy glasses. From those tests Maddie also grows and matures into a young woman worthy of becoming the next first Lady to the great leader of Vesturon in the future. It seems afterall Mariah, her mother has been right all along – Maddie is destined for greatness. Up on Vesturon everything is so much new and while learning more about the Planet, Maddie learns more about herself. Who wouldn’t be loving a high-tech planet with the most advanced households supplies in the world which makes life so much more easier and comfortable. You can count me in for the fun, definitely. For sure I didn’t see all of that coming and there is some surprise up ahead with Maddie’s close College friend January, which I probably get the answer once the 3rd book of the series has been published. Won’t be too long and I’ll be catching up.

Overall rating 5 / 5.

Review: Survival (The Guardians of Vesturon Series Book #1) by A.M.Hargrove

image When love does not know any boundaries we get to know it once we read this book. It is divided into four parts. In the beginning we read about the life of Maddie, her experiences loosing both of her parents in a young age-now in college trying to do her best with the help of her friend Cathy. She loves the outdoors and hiking in the mountains, until one christmas day where she decides to go backpacking alone through the mountains and gets surprised by a trekker with evil thoughts of hunting.The run begins between life and deaths, she gets so badly injured that she isn’t able to reach for help on her own.First it was a little confusing and I couldn’t understand why we need to relive the moments before Maddies abduction and afterwards her waking times in the caves of the Nunne’hi.Then it made sense, to get a more wider picture of all characters within the story and how they were involved in all of it. Also would the story only be told in the view of Maddie, we wouldn’t be able to get a glimpse of what life is like to be a true Vesturion.We wouldn’t be able to understand how she got rescued by none other than the guardians of Vesturon, instead of some paranormal miracle, I first thought of. As life cannot become more complicated Maddie falls in love with one of them, Rayn and it doesn’t seem that the love between them is one sided.
It’s a taboo to transport a human to the planet Vesturon and it is highly punished.Rayn is awaiting his court trial on Vesturon while Maddie is going on with her life down on earth. After both of them have sworn their love to each other, will they be able to see each other, how many tests need to be succeeded so their life together can start.

That is some paranormal romance story between Madeleine aka Maddie Pearce and Rayn who happens to be a humanish acting alien, though differing in both psychological and physical abilities of normal human beings. He is from the planet Vesturon, and is one of the guardians who were stationed around the globe.

It is a lovely story with its ups and downs. I liked the story, though at some points of the story my attention was lowered. I cared more for Maddies part of the story then i cared for the other characters like Rayn and his brothers. I liked the way how the love philosophy of Vesturon is presented, that a shared love is a commitment that needs to be treated with respect like an official statement and is not treated as commonplace.It is one good novel for young adults to lay some foundation of how love should be treated.
I wanted more Maddie inside the story.
But that doesn’t keep me away from the 2nd installment of the series,which i will follow up to read.

Overall rating 3 / 5.