My new alltime companion

Being always against spoiling myself if there are more important things to be done, brought or repaired, I couldn’t help but refuse constantly the idea to buy myself a Galaxy Tab though my husband always tried to motivate me for one. Of course, he bought himself one and was aways sunken into it, one feeling that I didn’t share with him until now.

After the release of the Galaxy Note which was way more comfortable to use as a multifunctional phone, my husband decided to leave me the Tab. All functions were restored to factory default and it was as new.

At first the whole touchscreen activity felt awkward but after a little practice I found myself of getting along very well. And I cannot believe myself by saying this but I am in GT fever.

The whole process of adding new applications useful to the holder and according to their specific interest is very time consuming, and without realizing it I spend a whole day looking for game applications that suited my taste, for the gamer that I am. For those that I didn’t like I deleted them again after tryouts.

Up to now these are the games installed:

Brain Genius deluxe ( Glu Game)

I play when possible daily it is both entertaining and you increase your brain activity while playing. To start it has various games that unlock while improving your stats and there is a calender that keeps track of progress and times played.

Piano Perfect

Learn piano with some songs while touching the screen when a musical note is dropping down, according to your skill level it is divided into easy medium and hard songs, and until now I am still a beginner and follow the instructions on easy songs. For me it would fall in the category of educational game, and but that’s just me.

Jewels Deluxe

This is a fun activity to do when needing a small time out. There are several options to choose from classic, challenge or puzzle modes. No one will feel boredom on a long bus drive.

Smurfs Village

It reminds on the all so popular social games that we all know like Farmville that are increasingly populare on all Facebook users, me included. One bonus is that you can enjoy playing it offline, too. The others require an Internet connection, and so for the hours that I am not online I can enjoy farming, building houses and decorate my village as I like.

These were the games so far.

As a big fan for reading of course the applications that lets you read those fiction novels cannot be missed, ebooks reader for epub were already installed so I just needed to upload my current reading list.

Also a tool that lets you play movies and television series is on my most important applications list and while the Rock Player Lite does fulfill all the service, I am now up to date in the latest series like The Mentalist S 04 and Chuck S 02 which I am able to watch anywhere. For me it’s a mini TV on the go.

Most times while browsing I was looking for some new recipes now I brought some recipe to me, being able to look for various recipes that are chosen from Recipes and Taste show pictures and searching by ingredients makes it so much easier to look for the ones filtered than browsing yourself through the net.

To make uploading of pictures fast I use Reduce Photo Size this allows me to directly upload my done shots on the net without using transfer cables. Just perfect for my recipe photos.

And at last there is Viper to call others that use this application for free. Who would not want to save on his pocket and try out something out that just need an Internet connection in reach.

Now I know there are lots more applications but I don’t know yet how to use them, I will have the following year to get to know everything about it and learn how to use them.