Believe when you read Determinant by A.M.Hargrove


Determinant by A.M.Hargrove

When I was young I read fairy tales, then I read romance stories, I still like to read fairy tales, a child’s dream that cannot be harmed. In my world where everyone cares for himself and we live constantly in a state of war with others and ourselves, I want to believe there is something good and every step of the way has its reason and sense. When I read this story-I knew I am not alone in my thinking, I am not alone to believe in the good and happy forever after. I am not alone in being hopelessly romantic.

Back to the review:

This book is the third installment of the Vesturon Guardian Saga. I read the first and the second installment and was totally mesmerized by a series of events. This one follows the life of January St. Davis and her relationship later on with one of the Yarrister Clan members of Vesturon, Rykerian. The book is divided in several partitions so you might get a glance of thoughts from each January and Rykerian. It is well organized to the end and has some funny parts as well. Anyone who knows the other stories, will love this too – if not more. There is good and there is evil everywhere and the Guardians of Vesturon are the protectors of peace while others thrive to destroy it. Just to give a few hints to what you will miss: Breakout of a viral pandemic illness, Kidnapped out of space, extraterrestrial life forms, love story. In no ways we can see what lies ahead but it’s worth while to fight for life than surrender to death, no matter how long,hard or excruciating painful the way. Read on and YOU will believe it yourself.

Overall rating: 5 / 5.


Review: Reflection by Jessica Roberts


The first thought that comes to my mind is “LOVE is in the air by John Paul Young“. While writing these lines I am humming to the song. You might too, once you read this romantic story that revolves around Heather totally in love with Nick.

Most important characters that you meet along the way:
HEATHER: central person in the story. In her college days she gets injured in a car accident so badly that she remains in a coma state for a long time.
CREED: her childhood friend, whom she considers family. I think he is hopelessly in love with Heather.
NICK: the love interest of Heather.
Dr. WESTBROOK:he is in charge of Heather’s clinical condition, meets her daily to check on the memories of her dreams and analyze fact from fantasy. Finds that she is able to communicate normal with minor memory deficiencies or what Heather believes to have happened for real.

The book is hold in 3 parts, though the book does only mention 2. Before and After concerning both the accident that was the cause to Heathers long term coma. The after part deals with the present 2 1/2 years later. Once Heather wakes up in the hospital. For my better understanding I thought the talking sessions about her dreams with Dr. Westbrook to be the third part, which are divided into chapters that mark the beginning of Heather’s dreams of her first day in college, the romance between her and Nick to the end just before the accident. Jessica Roberts has a way of letting the reader feel the emotions described in the dream part, every detail of romantic moments is covered and it is easy to go on and get into the mood for love.
It is amazing to what our brain does once we are unaware of its activity. Memory association, observation and reasoning skills all to create a dream world that seems so real, that I want to believe.

I didn’t like that nothing is to be known yet about the cause of the accident, might as well wait and see if it will be revealed in the sequel to Reflection.
To the end of the story Roberts gives us a glimpse to the sequel of this book by mentioning Dr. Westbrook saying:
” Sometimes after waking from a coma, the mind can continue to play tricks on you in the form of hallucinations; they’re referred to as ‘reactions’

We can only hope for the best that this love story finds its way back, so the dream can become reality.

Overall rating 3 / 5.

Review: Resurrection-Book 2 The Guardians of Vesturon by A.M.Hargrove


The adventures of Maddie Pearce in this young adult paranormal romance story continues. The 2nd installment has topped all of my expectations. My wishes concerning more Maddie input became true. Never leaving the story too much out of my sight, I enjoyed every bit of reading. This book was divided into four parts but I felt that each of these parts were necessary to define different developmental and emotional stages that Maddie found herself growing into. We read how Maddie and Rayns live go through ups and downs of a relationship which displays some of the true challenges that the couple have to face sometimes in life and not all can be viewed behind rosy glasses. From those tests Maddie also grows and matures into a young woman worthy of becoming the next first Lady to the great leader of Vesturon in the future. It seems afterall Mariah, her mother has been right all along – Maddie is destined for greatness. Up on Vesturon everything is so much new and while learning more about the Planet, Maddie learns more about herself. Who wouldn’t be loving a high-tech planet with the most advanced households supplies in the world which makes life so much more easier and comfortable. You can count me in for the fun, definitely. For sure I didn’t see all of that coming and there is some surprise up ahead with Maddie’s close College friend January, which I probably get the answer once the 3rd book of the series has been published. Won’t be too long and I’ll be catching up.

Overall rating 5 / 5.

Review: Survival (The Guardians of Vesturon Series Book #1) by A.M.Hargrove

image When love does not know any boundaries we get to know it once we read this book. It is divided into four parts. In the beginning we read about the life of Maddie, her experiences loosing both of her parents in a young age-now in college trying to do her best with the help of her friend Cathy. She loves the outdoors and hiking in the mountains, until one christmas day where she decides to go backpacking alone through the mountains and gets surprised by a trekker with evil thoughts of hunting.The run begins between life and deaths, she gets so badly injured that she isn’t able to reach for help on her own.First it was a little confusing and I couldn’t understand why we need to relive the moments before Maddies abduction and afterwards her waking times in the caves of the Nunne’hi.Then it made sense, to get a more wider picture of all characters within the story and how they were involved in all of it. Also would the story only be told in the view of Maddie, we wouldn’t be able to get a glimpse of what life is like to be a true Vesturion.We wouldn’t be able to understand how she got rescued by none other than the guardians of Vesturon, instead of some paranormal miracle, I first thought of. As life cannot become more complicated Maddie falls in love with one of them, Rayn and it doesn’t seem that the love between them is one sided.
It’s a taboo to transport a human to the planet Vesturon and it is highly punished.Rayn is awaiting his court trial on Vesturon while Maddie is going on with her life down on earth. After both of them have sworn their love to each other, will they be able to see each other, how many tests need to be succeeded so their life together can start.

That is some paranormal romance story between Madeleine aka Maddie Pearce and Rayn who happens to be a humanish acting alien, though differing in both psychological and physical abilities of normal human beings. He is from the planet Vesturon, and is one of the guardians who were stationed around the globe.

It is a lovely story with its ups and downs. I liked the story, though at some points of the story my attention was lowered. I cared more for Maddies part of the story then i cared for the other characters like Rayn and his brothers. I liked the way how the love philosophy of Vesturon is presented, that a shared love is a commitment that needs to be treated with respect like an official statement and is not treated as commonplace.It is one good novel for young adults to lay some foundation of how love should be treated.
I wanted more Maddie inside the story.
But that doesn’t keep me away from the 2nd installment of the series,which i will follow up to read.

Overall rating 3 / 5.

Guest Post by Melissa Douthit on romance

In life we are going through many paths and while there we are not alone. We are surrounded by friends and the people we love.
This is a story of love still in its beginning and it is nurtured so it can grow stronger with time. Here is my review.

Many thanks given to Melissa Douthit who is sharing with us her thoughts on the emotions shared between two young people.

Excerpt from The Vanishing, pages 49-51:

She lowered the cowl of her cloak and held out her hand to help him up. “Didn’t anyone ever teach you that it isn’t wise to sneak up on a Cantonese?” she asked.

Grabbing her hand, he said: “A Cantonese?” She pulled him smoothly to his feet with very little effort. He marveled at her strength, still goggling at her in amazement. She was so strong for someone so petite. Then he furrowed his brows in puzzlement. “You don’t look Cantonese,” he added. It was true. She didn’t. The Cantonese were dark of hair and skin. Their eyes were usually dark as well, although some did have lighter shades of brown, hazel, and even green, but they were never this bright, nor this blue, like the sky on a cloudless, summer day, and they were never accompanied with the fair skin and the blond hair like the young woman before him. Stop gawking at her! he told himself silently. You look like an idiot! Yet, who was she? And why did she seem so familiar?

“Yeah, I hear that all the time but I was born and raised there,” she replied. “It’s the truth. I grew up with my Grandfather, Sebastian, and my Grandmother, Naelli. I don’t remember my mother and know virtually nothing of the rest of my family …” As she spoke, a memory of when he was eleven years old flashed in his mind. They were in the wine cellar of the Pandretti Inn and Winery, playing a game. Of course, she had been cheating at the time, as she always did. She had just jumped out of an empty wine barrel and tagged him the ghost when he said …

“Chalice?” She cocked her head in surprise at hearing her name. “Your family owns the old Inn and Winery on Canton Run, right?” She nodded and he continued: “I thought you were one of the Lost Ones. I couldn’t tell with your hood up. Wow, you have really gotten a lot bigger since the last time I saw you …” He paused, wincing as he moved his shoulder and felt a sharp pang. “… and a lot stronger too,” he added, rubbing the sore spot, hunching over slightly, with a pained expression. Apparently, the knock she had given him bruised a little more than just his pride.

Her face softened. “I’m sorry for that,” she said, gesturing toward his shoulder. “I don’t know my own strength sometimes.”

He shrugged it off as if to tell her not to worry about it. “Well, I learned my lesson, didn’t I?” he said. “I’m never going to try that again.” It did hurt but he wasn’t going to let her know. He had to act tough, he told himself, on principle.

She eyed him curiously. “You say you’ve seen me. Have we met before?”

“You don’t remember?” he asked with raised eyebrows. He was puzzled that she didn’t remember something that was so clear to him. Nine years earlier, when they were children, he had spent three years in Canton with her and her grandparents. His parents had had to leave on a search mission and his brothers had gone to stay with the Corbins. There had been no room for Jeremiah there and as Sebastian Pandretti had been in town visiting at the time, it was, according to his father, the best solution for him. He suddenly remembered Canton and the games she and he played when they were young. It seemed as if it were almost yesterday. “Ghost-in-the-Graveyard,” he continued, “in the wine cellar of the Inn? You cheated all the time.” He laughed. “You really don’t remember?” Sighing, he finally said: “Ah well, you were pretty young then.”

She studied him for a moment and then, suddenly, her face lit up in recognition. “Oh my gosh, no, I do remember!” she exclaimed. “Jeremiah?!” she asked and he nodded. “Jeremiah Maehbeck! How could I have forgotten?!”

He smiled as she said the words and caught a twinkle of joy in her eye at seeing him again. Then he suddenly realized what had been missing in his life this whole time. After all these years, he finally understood the emptiness inside of him and realized what could fill it – the only thing that could fill it. It was her.

As stated in the excerpt, the two main characters, Chalice and Jeremiah, knew each other as children.  When they meet again, they remember the friendship they shared as kids.  It begins to grow and blossom into something stronger throughout the first book, coming to fruition at the end.  In so many other YA stories I’ve read, a meet-cute is usually between two strangers who fall in love, but I wanted this one to be different.  The Vanishing is particularly romantic because Jeremiah feels something deep down, something missing from his life that he describes as a hole in his chest, and then finally learns what it is when he sees her again.  That is, his heart remembers.

After asking so many people their opinions on romantic relationships in YA stories, I decided I wanted Chalice and Jeremiah’s relationship to progress and mature in the second book.  I wanted it to be real.  I wanted the reader to see how close they are, not just emotionally but also physically, while at the same time maintaining the sweetness of their relationship, keeping it very mild and tasteful.  I’ve read so many YA series where the two main protagonists seem to be stuck in this kiss-and-talk-only mode.  For me, this seems a bit unrealistic for an 18-year-old and 21-year-old who want to be married.  But there is also another reason for the maturation of their relationship and it has to do with something that happens at the very end of the trilogy.  That’s all I can say on that because I don’t want to spoil it, but I believe readers will love it and find it very sweet … at least I hope they will.  I do.

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Review: The Firelight of Maalda by Melissa Douthit

image Reading YA stories is very new to me, I got caught up while reading the stories of Sara Shepard. Many people think that top reviews are only given because the author has his friends, and but that is not the case with me. Personally I don’t know the author Melissa Douthit and we are separated by continents. Our connection came with her seeking for book reviewers and I read her post looking up book clubs on goodreads.
Naturally I wrote to her and she has given to me a free copy to read. The review that I give are plainly just on the story and it is my personal opinion where everyone has the right to acknowledge or not. To go through life means to open your eyes and heart and not to judge negatively.

I liked the first book very much so I read this, too. The story continues where Chalice and her friends are on their way to the underground city Portalis in tow with the townspeople who have been imprisoned before and are freed to flee alongside the friends of Chalice. Many are in shock and they believe to be healed in Portalis.
Of course romance is also a part of the Raie’Chaelia Series where we become witnesses to a growing relationship between Chalice and Jeremiah Maehbeck. It is a great responsibility that is shared and their love grows on with the experiences that they are going through together. Apart from the fact that their relationship won’t be accepted in their society they go on to hold to each other.

In all I would give it a 4/5 overall rating.

Review: Practice Cake by Dalya Moon

Browsing through some eBook platforms I found Smashwords a site for independent authors and published e-Books. I found a previous work from Dalya Moon ” The Dishwasher” a short story about a first job experience. It was good so I looked for further published books and found Practice Cake. I really liked the theme of the story as food and love are fitting harmonically together.

Sadly the story couldn’t penetrate through my mind, would I have been 10 yeas younger I may have enjoyed this teen story of Maddie a free, easy going enthusiastically young woman with fresh ideas going through the world in a fun to read romantic story that resolves around her boyfriend and the chance to climb the career ladder for a star chef in a Food Network for baking.

Everyone is going through phases in life and so it is with books, once you enjoyed a book reading multiple times now you may have difficulty to read it just once again. I just remembered how I liked to read such kind of love stories while I was still in high school and other romance stories by Barbara Wood like  and Danielle Steel, now it seems I have been driven to other genres like Fantasy that I didn’t read very much while I was younger.

Well I will keep for later on who knows if my romance flair will come back to me and I can re-enjoy the book.